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Boost sales effortlessly without spending a dime on ads

history January 29, 2021

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There are tons of difficulties when starting a business, we all know this, you have to invest time and effort in your store and get everything ready for launch. 

When it comes to promoting your business and increasing your sales, you will wonder how to drive more traffic to your online store. Is there a way to reach your target audiences and more potential customers? How to keep customer acquisition costs low? But don’t panic and rush to spend anything on advertising yet.

Through this article, we will show you the best way to boost your sales effortlessly without spending a dime on advertising in a short time, which also helps you create a long-lasting relationship with your customers and laters help you get more sales in the future. 

Let’s get started right now.

Boost sale with Instagram

Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses around the globe, with over 1 billion active monthly users and reaches 140 million users in the USA. 

Hence, people love Instagram, with suitable hashtags and eye-catching pictures, it will immediately stop your potential customers from scrolling and stimulating them to search for your store. 

Boost sales using Instagram
Boost sales using Instagram 

Research shows that:

  • 72% of Instagram users feel encouraged to take action after seeing a photo, especially if it is close to their need and interest.
  • 38% of customers say they often buy products they see on Instagram.

So what keeps you waiting? Let’s try these simple tactics that we have concluded from Shopify’s successful seller who had used Instagram for their business in the most summary ways:

  • Make your Instagram account shoppable: Set up a professionally optimized business Instagram account that includes your website’s link to boost traffic back to your site.
  • Promote your products by posting creative, well-designed pictures with themes in sync. This will make your store look more professional and catch the attention of customers.
  • Using hashtags to increase your reach and get more potential customers, with appropriate hashtags that are related or create your own hashtag, your products will be seen by a large number of people which might include your target audiences.
  • Show appreciation towards your customers by sharing or tagging them on your posts, giving compliments can be an effective way to strengthen your relationship with customers.

Spade Luxury Lashes professional Instagram account with their own hashtag and their website link in the bio.

For further information, you can read 5 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips For ECommerce In 2021 for full details about how to boost sales with Instagram.

Using loss-aversion tactics to boost sales

People don’t like to lose anything, especially things with good prices. Therefore, combined loss-aversion with urgency and scarcity to use on your store will definitely motivate customers to buy your products.

“Hurry up! Sale ends in …. minutes!”

“Only a few items left!”

“The last chance to get…!”

To apply this tactic and hit right in the fear of missing out, you can use the apps which create a Countdown timer and add it to each page on your store. Including a Countdown timer and a Countdown stock at the same time will encourage customers to take action right away.

And for the confused customers, who are already interested in your products but still need a bit of encouragement to take the next step buying items which they had put in the cart in the first place. 

All you have to do is give them an uplift, let them know that the offer is coming to an end, stimulate them to finish their purchase. Send them a reminder email with powerful words that added urgency and scarcity to the items such as: “Hurry, items in your cart are expiring soon!” “Sold out soon” etc… 

Countdown timer and Countdown stock 

If you want to add a countdown timer and send abandoned cart recovery emails, make it easy for yourself and boost your sales by using Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown and Facebook Chat Box ‑ Marketing for free.

Upsell and cross-sell to increase your average order value

Upselling is an act of offering or the approach of selling a slightly more premium product than the one the customer was originally considering when they add an item to their cart or when they’re about to check out. For instance, when a shopper clicks on item A, a pop-up will show them the item B with better quality for just 10 dollars more.

Another way to boost more sales is using cross-sell, like selling additional products, instead of buying a more premium one like item B, they might buy 3 or 4 items that are related to item A.

The most sensible and subtle way to upsell and cross-sell is to bundle products, by demonstrating how the additional products work with the product being purchased, besides, offering a discount on the bundled will persuade and stimulate customers to purchase with temporary price savings.  

Product bundles offer in Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool by Autoketing

To create attractive product bundles and deals easily on your own, with various upsell and cross-sell popups options, you can try Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool by Autoketing to your Shopify store. 

Final thought

There are many ways to promote your store, you can’t just stick with paid ads. With these simple tactics and useful apps above, apply them to your online store and boost more sales in the future. 

For more tips on improving your store, check out our other articles here on Autoketing

In case you’re looking for trustable applications to your Shopify Store, check for the reference resource Shopify App Store  

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