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  • Black Friday Landing Page: How to Create Pages that Covert?

Black Friday Landing Page: How to Create Pages that Covert?

history October 28, 2022

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Black Friday Landing Page: How to Create Pages that Covert?

Every shop owner understands that Black Friday is the most critical shopping day of the year, followed closely by Cyber Monday.

It can represent incredible sales and revenue, propelling your store and brand to new heights.

To generate the most revenue possible, you must have your leads and prospects take action and convert to customers.

While many aspects of a Black Friday campaign will help you achieve that goal, one of the most important is your Black Friday landing page.

We’ll look at what it is, why you need it, and all the steps and tips you need to know to create the best possible Black Friday landing page for your brand to succeed this holiday season in this article.

What precisely is a Black Friday Landing Page?

Landing pages are a type of digital marketing tool that your customers visit after clicking on a link from a social ad, email, or another campaign tool.

The landing page directs your customers to your offer and directs them to the next step in the conversion process, which could be downloading an ebook, joining a mailing list, or making a purchase.

A Black Friday landing page is the entry point for your leads, prospects, and customers to find your Black Friday offerings and purchase your special deal.

It is the page you use to persuade potential customers that the deal’s value is worth the price, directing them to the cart or e-commerce plugin where they can purchase the item.

What Is the Purpose of a Black Friday Landing Page?

A Black Friday landing page is required to clearly convey your message and the benefits of your offer to leads and customers.

Without it, your customers will have a poor user experience because they will struggle to find important information about your special Black Friday offer.

Your Black Friday landing page must be focused on a specific goal; it cannot be a list of your company’s accomplishments or other products.

Your goal is to make the process as simple as possible for customers so that they can see the offer, understand the value, and make a purchase decision.

That action, also known as a conversion, is the primary reason for developing an effective Black Friday landing page.

It allows you to track the number of conversions you have and, if your message, offer, design, and call to action are appealing, it will help you close more key Black Friday sales.

How to Create the Best Black Friday Landing Page

There are numerous factors that go into creating the best Black Friday landing page in order to convert your prospects and leads and make those crucial holiday sales.

Ensure that each component is optimized to convert the most leads possible to avoid mistakes in your Black Friday campaigns.

1. Set Clear Goals

Setting clear goals is the first step in any digital marketing endeavor.

Goals serve as yardsticks against which you can judge and evaluate the success of your campaigns and marketing elements.

You won’t be able to tell if your Black Friday landing page was successful unless you have a clear goal in mind.

Meet with your team and discuss your overall Black Friday campaign goals, as your landing page is only one component of a larger strategy.

Set goals for each step of the campaign and a conversion goal for your landing page.

2. Keep it Simple

An overly complicated landing page causes confusion and can irritate customers, particularly on Black Friday.

Customers looking to buy want a quick and easy way to reach the checkout because Black Friday sales are often time-sensitive or have limited supplies.

Your Black Friday message on the landing page should be clear and concise in order to clearly present the offer and provide a direct path to purchase.

The necessary information, such as product descriptions, images, and features, should never be difficult to locate.

3. Create an Eye-Catching Page

The design of your page is critical to the success of your conversions.

In keeping with the message and copy’s simplicity, you don’t want an overly designed page with a lot of moving parts or distracting colors.

You do, however, want your page to stand out and be memorable without being too flashy.

Maintaining a clean color palette and background can help the message and product stand out while focusing on the importance of purchasing the product now.

Images, videos, and graphics can be used to highlight the product, but they should not take precedence over the main goal.

Let’s take a look at PageFly, they have pre-built templates culled from our highest-converting pages. While having Sales Popup Autoketing – Pop’s BFCM theme sales popup for your landing page best look and capture customer’s attention!

4. Optimize Speed

Black Friday is all about getting your shopping done quickly.

Customers are looking for special deals and are aware that the offers will not last long.

They want to visit as many pages and products as possible before items or time run out, so the speed is critical.

Your Black Friday landing page must be quick. Too many large images or content sections that slow down loading speed will cause you to quickly lose customers.

5. Create a Clear CTA

Above all, your goal on the Black Friday landing page should be to get people to buy something.

A call to action, also known as a CTA, is the button that visitors click to make a purchase decision.

If your CTA is difficult to find, difficult to understand, or does not redirect visitors to the desired page, you will not close the necessary sales.

A CTA button can appear in a variety of locations, such as the header and the bottom of a form or product text.

Just make sure it’s easily accessible and stands out from the rest of the landing page.

6. Highlight Your Deal’s Benefits

Consumers love Black Friday because nearly every brand offers special discounted rates, gifts, BOGOs, and price points that they can’t get any other day.

Your special offer should be highlighted on your landing page.

Customers can make an informed purchase decision when they can clearly see the deal and understand the benefits it provides.

Try techniques such as comparing the pricing to the average cost or detailing how your deal is superior to competitors.

7. Make It Mobile Responsive

People, like everything else, tend to conduct business on their phones.

As a result, it’s critical that your Black Friday landing page is mobile responsive.

This means that the page will be automatically formatted to fit the screen of a mobile device.

While automatic reformatting is important, you can also optimize for mobile by removing unnecessary sections, placing your CTA at the top of the page, and removing extra media sections.

mobile layout

8. Distribute to the Appropriate Channels

A beautifully designed landing page with a clear message and strong CTAs will do nothing for your brand if no one can reach it.

The landing page serves as a portal to your content, and you should try to direct the majority, if not all, of your Black Friday customers to it.

To attract leads and customers, including the Black Friday landing page link in all promotional emails, social posts, and digital advertisements for your Black Friday campaign.

9. Keep Track of Your Results

The analytics and reports you generate from your landing page performance provide critical metrics for your brand.

You can look at your results to see how many visitors came to your page, how many clicked the CTA, and how many bounced, and even use heatmaps to see where they spent their time.

These results can help you understand the success of your page and determine whether you met your Black Friday campaign goals.

You can also use your analytics to help you plan your Black Friday landing page strategy for next year.

Conclusion: Create the Best Black Friday Landing Page

To reach a large audience and generate the highest sales and revenue of the year, you must plan every step of your Black Friday campaign from start to finish.

Your landing page is the entry point for your sales and the conversion of leads and prospects into customers.

Black Friday is just the beginning of a long season of grand winter sales. Prepare for the busy season by creating eye-catching web designs for your landing pages. Stop daydreaming about increased sales and start acting now!

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