What is better for business: Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories? (Part 2)

It is said that video is now developing on social media. Therefore, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories are also used as the tools for businesses including merchants on Shopify to promote the brand and reach more audiences.

In Part 1, we showed you the benefits of Facebook stories and we will talk about Instagram Stories in this part:

Benefits of Instagram Stories

Lacamp said that although people don’t use Instagram as much as Facebook, its users engage with stories much more.

There are more and more users engage Instagram Stories with enthusiasm, and businesses of all sizes also take the advantage of it, social media strategist at DEG Digital. Appearing authentic with content is the key for businesses to use stories effectively.


People are more likely to have adapted to Instagram Stories faster than Facebook and there are many reasons for this. Firstly, Instagram is more simplistic than Facebook and has a user-friendly interface. Secondly, Instagram Stories also has different features, including the option to post GIFs. Thirdly, accounts with more than 10,000 followers can add links to their stories. Furthermore, Instagram also features Story Highlights.

There is an effective way to promote your customers to buy more. It is offering them the free shipping service when they reach an amount of money when shopping.

In addition, Instagram has an outstanding feature which Facebook has not applied yet: it implemented the Story Highlights feature, allowing users to make their Stories permanent, rather than disappearing after 24 hours as in Facebook.

You can group related stories into a highlight reel with story highlights. They will feature on your profile under your bio.

Deciding between Facebook and Instagram Stories

By identifying your target customers and finding out the social platform they use, you can decide which platform you should be on. Businesses in every size should choose the platforms through which they can reach their target consumers effectively.


You have to know your customers and your stories should be built to connect with fans, so don’t overthink it.

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In sum, Facebook is better for the older crowd while Instagram is suitable for younger generations. A report said that more than 60 percent of Instagram users are between 18 and 34 and Facebook users are between 25 and 44.

Don’t post the same content on Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories

Businesses shouldn’t post the same content to both platforms for a couple of reasons:

The followers expect to read updates and fresh content every day and it doesn’t inspire if you do the same action in 2 platforms.

Because different platforms serve different followers, you should not post the same content on both platforms.

Don’t forget to get the trust of your customers with recent sales notification popup by showing up the orders of others.

Going live

Both Facebook and Instagram platform have a live video function. The main difference between the two platforms is that Instagram Live appears within the stories features and Facebook Live appears in the newsfeed.

Besides, Instagram Live videos are only available for 24 hours but are given priority in the stories section while Facebook Live videos can stay on the platform forever.

In conclusion, choosing the most suitable platform for your business can help you get the best result.

Explore other posts on https://blog.autoketing.com/.

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