What is better for business: Facebook Stories or Instagram Stories? (Part 1)

Videos are thriving more and more on social media. That is the reason why social media platforms are constantly evolving video features, including Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. These features are quickly becoming popular marketing tools which small brands including merchants on Shopify shouldn’t ignore.

The same feature of 2 platforms is that both of them platforms host photos and videos which disappear after 24 hours. It allows you to post engaging content and these videos appear in circles at the top of your timeline. However, there are also the differences between them.

The social media experts said that there are many differences between the Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories and which one business decision to use depending on their brand and products as well as marketing strategy.

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Benefits of Facebook Stories

There are still some advantages to use Facebook Stories to promote your business although they aren’t as popular as Instagram Stories.


The social media specialist at PAVLOV Advertising, Hannah Lacamp, supposed that bypassing Facebook’s new algorithm is one major benefit. This new algorithm can make it hard for small businesses to be seen on timelines.

There is also another benefit of the Facebook platform is that you can communicate with your audiences whenever you want to support them in time and give them the expressive facebook customer service.

In addition, not many people are using Facebook Stories, it seems to be a disadvantage. However, according to the marketing strategist at Larch & Lake Consulting Inc, Carolyn Mann, this can be the benefit for small businesses because of the lower competitiveness.

The biggest advantage of Facebook Stories is that hardly anyone is using them. Therefore, this gives your stories a better chance of being seen. Take advantage of it right now to grab the chance to reach more customers.

That you can post videos and photos to a Group Story on Facebook is another difference between the two platforms.


The holiday is coming. It is a good idea for businesses to create an attractive discount campaign to get more customers to your brand in the sales season.

Lacamp said that the collaborative ‘Group Stories’ feature is not yet available on Instagram. Recently, Facebook allows people to make a contribution to a story attached to a specific event page. It is considered to be an ideal way for enterprises to engage with their audiences through user-generated content.

Besides the ability to post to an event page, the Group Stories feature also allows people to post content to the story of a Facebook Group. If your business operates a Facebook Group, it could be an interactive feature.

In addition, the Instagram Stories also have their own advantages. Continue exploring them in Part 2 on https://blog.autoketing.com/.

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