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  • 10 Best Shopify Apps For Merchants To Boost Sales In 2021

10 Best Shopify Apps For Merchants To Boost Sales In 2021

history December 5, 2018

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“My Shopify store has low traffic and low sales. Can anyone recommend some Shopify Apps that would help with this? Any would help. Thanks in advance.”

Every Shopify merchant at some points.

Did you see yourselves asking or seeking the answers in Shopify Community? Searching for Must-have Shopify Apps has never been an old topic for merchants in the industry. 

Smiling office worker reading news on computer screen

Different from WooCommerce, Shopify is a platform that requires support from applications to get your online store noticeable. 

There are 12 categories on the Shopify App Store, and 5163 applications in total. From free to paid apps, merchants are free to purchase any which their heart’s content. In this case, a variety of choices cause more confusion than help. 

There is a no-one-size-fit-all option, or expect the popular app that works with large numbers could do the same to your Shopify store.

In this article, Autoketing makes a list of 10 Best Shopify Apps For Merchants To Boost Sales In 2021 (Updated) that would help your store thrive. 

10 Best Shopify Apps recommend in different categories that cover all aspects to customize a perfect Shopify store.

1. Sales Pop Master – Countdown

Our Number 1 in the list is Sales Pop Master – Countdown. Receive an overall 4.8-star rating, and 4423 five-star reviews on Shopify App store Sales Pop Master – Countdown live up to merchants’ expectations.

Shopify Merchant’s Review On Sales Pop Master – Countdown

Sales Pop Master – Countdown is a sales and optimization app that helps increase conversion rates. Does it sound like an average pop up app to you? Not exactly.

Sales Pop Master – Countdown is the solution to solve the low conversion challenges. 

First, Sales Pop Master – Countdown creates notifications as social proof. Once customers add a product to the cart, Sales Pop-Ups show recent orders as social proof. Social proof is an ultimate hack to boost customer’s trust and motivate them to shop more.

Sales Pop Master – Countdown’s Pop Ups Layout

This feature is most useful for new stores that are low in sales or even have no orders yet. 

More of the popup notification feature, popups show recent orders that customers have purchased within 60 days ago. The function is best suited for Shopify stores that have many orders.

Second, more about popups, the Highlight Product Pop up put your sale-off items in the spotlight. It draws customers’ attention to your promoted products and encourages them to purchase. Instead of only displaying the recent 20 products that have sold, Shopify merchants can choose three desired products to first appear on the popups when customers visit your store. 

Come with this feature is Pro Sales Box, which also highlights discount items. It accentuates the best deal and best selling products in your Shopify store. This powerful feature interests your customers to buy with just one simple click.

Third, Sales Pop Master – Countdown is also well-known for its ability to create urgency. This reputation is earned thanks to Countdown Timer and Countdown Stock on popups. 

To Countdown Timer, with every discounted add-to-cart product, it will automatically display on the Countdown Timer. 

The remaining quantity of each item in stock shows on Countdown Stock

Sales Pop Master – Countdown Advertised Video

Sales Pop Master – Countdown also has Quick View Mode for urgency. Quick View sales popup appears when customers click on the product. It is one of the most outstanding features of social proof.

Last but not least is Cart Boost Sales and Countdown Cart. It shows a popup of orders added to the cart on the cart page. For the final strike, this feature also provides Countdown Timer and promotional notifications in the cart. It stimulates customers to finish their shopping process. 

With all of these powerful features, Sales Pop Master – Countdown is on our Top 1 recommendation to boost sales and conversion optimization.

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2. TinyIMG

A high bound rate is a big issue for all online stores. How do Shopify merchants decrease the problem to the lowest? 

The Connection Between Site Speed and Conversion Rate

One of the key solutions is optimizing your Shopify store. Here are the top 3 factors that boost the quality of a website:

– Rank higher on relevant keywords to get more no-cost organic traffic

– Compress website images without reducing their qualities to increase load speed and SEO

– Increase SEO traffic

Does Search Engine Optimization sound complex to you? No worry, TinyIMG is here to solve your problems. Because all of these three methods are combined in TinyIMG, a Shopify Apps in the Marketing category.

Learn more about how to fully optimize your Shopify store in 13 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Great.

Like physical stores need to have impressive service, Shopify stores also require a professional outlook. In this case, a slow loading website irritates customers, especially unique visitors. A slow website leads to a higher bound rate, lower conversions, and eventually affects your Shopify store ranking.

It is when TinyIMG takes its role in improving your site SEO’s structure

First, TinyIMG automatically optimizes images and uploads the new version to your Shopify store. You are free to restore the original image at any time or choose to optimize photos manually.

TinyIMG Supports Images’ Qualities

Second, SEO store audit generates reports as well as suggestions to fix issues. The SEO report will prioritize critical problems needed fix immediately while providing a full breakdown of other problems.

Third, TinyIMG optimizes SEO metadata. 

Metadata is a piece of HTML code that helps engine crawlers to understand the topic of your webpage. The clearer the metadata, the higher your search ranking. 

TinyIMG is the best solution for SEO amateurs. It points out all of the issues with your Shopify store and guides you to top choices. 

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3. DropCommerce

“We don’t call it dropshipping – we call it Dropcommerce.”

DropCommerce team.

DropCommerce has made a clear statement about what merchants can expect from this Shopify App. 

If there is one thing that Dropcommerce can guarantee, it would be trustworthy. All DropCommerce suppliers are real brands shipping from the US. It assures the quality of selling products.

DropCommerce Lay Out

Customers are only glad to pay a reasonable shipping fee if it’s fast and reliable. DropCommerce is here to make that satisfaction happens.

Unlike traditional dropshipping, DropCommerce makes sure the orders are delivered successfully or refundable. It’s the combination of everything customers can expect from a dropshipping service.

– Fast and reliable delivery

– Guaranteed orders to be delivered successfully or refund

– Offer the amount of 35% plus discount compare to retail prices

– Shipment tracking code

– Import the products to Shopify stores with just a click

– Premium Suppliers can track the suppliers and their product’s origin

– Unlimited Orders: make huge sales with no commission required

– Currency Conversion: convert the price to domestic currency

– Automated Fulfillment: Dropcommerce handles all the logistics

Shopify Merchant’s Review on DropCommerce

What makes DropCommerce so desirable?

DropCommerce stands on the customer’s side. The platform assures everything is sellable. Though it sounds like bad news to merchants, it boosts the Shopify store’s trustworthiness. As a consequence, the store earns more sales and orders.

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4. Thank You Email Marketing Tool

According to McKinsey & Company’s research, email marketing is up to 40% more effective than social media. The study also shows the buying process is three times faster than in social media.

The statement has demonstrated the importance of email marketing for online businesses.

Even though the rumor flies about how old-fashioned email marketing is, its advantages are irreplaceable. 

At the moment, there are 233 email marketing Shopify Apps. The function and price seem to make no difference. Finding a suitable app that helps your Shopify runs smoothly has never been an easy task.

Manage and come with business strategies is complicated enough, so the advice for Shopify merchants is to choose a simple yet effective solution.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool is the exact definition of an email marketing expert with basic settings for starters.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool’s Newsletter Subscribers

4 types of email campaigns Thank You Email Marketing Tool provides:

1- New Orders

2- Newsletter Subscribers

3- New Customers

4- Fulfilled Orders

Among all of the email marketing Shopify Apps, Thank You Email Marketing without a doubt is the one with the simplest settings. Especially useful for beginners.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool build stronger relationships with customers with its features:

– Automatically send a thank you email after a customer subscribe or make a purchase

– Notify a successful delivery

– Grow more traffic and sales through dynamic promotional email campaigns

– Nurture customers with various types of email marketing such as newsletters, seasonal email campaigns and connect social media email

– The most effective of all is the abandoned cart recovery email

Best Shopify Email Marketing App in 2021

How do the Thank You Email Marketing Tool support Shopify merchants’ customer service?

– Save time by automated email campaign

– Give suggestions on email content

– Provide various eye-catching templates

– Conduct reports about sent emails, opened emails, spam, and subscribers

– Fully customize emails

– Adjust email delivery time

– Promote brand awareness through appealing email campaigns

– Frequently updated new templates throughout the year

Thank You Email Marketing Tool is a splendid combination of customer care and branding. It’s an absolute must-have Shopify App in your store.

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5. Growave

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform in the sales and conversion optimization category. Earn an overall 4.9-star rating on the Shopify App Store, Growave sure to satisfy its customers.

Growave empowers your Shopify store with product reviews, wishlist, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC. The app is best suited for small and medium-size Shopify stores. 


Growave is famous for one of the best cost-efficient apps and empowers your Shopify store with:

– Photo reviews with review request emails 

– Wishlist with remarketing reminders 

– Loyalty program, referral marketing, VIP tiers program 

– Shoppable Instagram and UGC 

– Social login

After analyzing Growave on some Shopify stores, we found out that it helps to increase revenue from repeat customers, reduces shopping cart abandonment rate.

Growave All-in-one Marketing Platform

What top services does Growave provide?

– Top-rated customer success team available 24/7 via chat, email, and phone

– Feature-rich app that helps you to reach an audience, engage with them and convert with ease 

– Cost-efficient app that has a free plan and paid plans that won’t cost you arm and leg 

– Integrations with email marketing platforms, push-notifications, etc

– The price for paid plans are fixed, no extra commissions, no unexpected charges

Why install multiple paid apps when you can choose only one?

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform that lets your brand go viral.

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6. Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat

Customer support is crucial in the eCommerce industry. The faster the response time, the higher the conversion rate. Shopify merchants are actively looking for methods to engage customers. 

Its importance is even more crucial when a customer support tool can also boost brand recognition and run marketing campaigns.

Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat’s newest update developed by Autoketing is that powerful tool.

The updated 2020 version of Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat keeps the old-good features and develops a new one.

Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat 2020 Updated Version

First, the Live Chat feature connects the chat from the Shopify store directly to its Facebook Fan Page Messenger. The online conversation is held smoothly via the Messenger platform.

With this function, the process to give your customers the highest satisfaction becomes faster and easier than ever.

Second, Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat double the power from Subscriber Popup

Pop up has proven its ability to create urgency and stimulate customers to action.

This app shows a popup with a discount code to stimulate customers to subscribe. Once the customers subscribe, the discount code will automatically send to their messenger, which is a great way to start the conversation with your potential customers. It drives them to shop and spend the discount code. 

In this feature, you can create one or more codes to drive more traffic to your Shopify store or highly engaging subscribers.

Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat not only provides fast and efficient customer service but also encourages customers to send messages, which eventually leads to more sales.

This feature is a conversation starter. Shopify merchants can attract customers with more deals, sales, best-selling products, and special offers to create a long loyal customer list.

Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat by Autoketing

Third, Auto Message provides three key automated messages.

1) Abandoned Cart Messages

A friendly notification automatically sends to your customers if an item is left in the cart. Why is this function helpful?

Usually, merchants send abandoned cart emails. However, the mail opened percentage is low. The problem is fixed with abandoned cart messages. The message is sent directly to customers’ personal Facebook Messenger, so they hardly ignore that. The message is direct, friendly, and stimulates decision making. 

Social media has numerous benefits to Shopify stores. Learn How to Advertise on Facebook: A No-Nonsense Facebook Ads Guide For Beginners in this article

2) Order Confirmation Messages

The message keeps customers updated about their orders’ status. Quick and convenient, order confirmation messages automatically let customers know about their upcoming orders.

3) ChatBot – Smart Reply 

An eCommerce business sure has multiple tasks to manage. Chat Bot – Smart Reply will save your time and effort with automated greeting and responses. By building a list of frequently asked questions and answers, five-star customer service is always available even when you are not there.

Lastly, Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat owns the ultimate feature of setting marketing campaigns. Automated promotional messages are sent to your customers’ Facebook Messenger. 

Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat Auto Message

With friendly yet strong Call to Action, Marketing Campaigns set by Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat guarantee to spread the information about your Shopify store special offers to every customer. It lends a hand to boost the marketing campaign’s effectiveness.

Taking the advantages of Facebook Messenger to a whole new level, Facebook Chat Box – Live Chat’s 2020 update assures to satisfy both Shopify merchants and customers.

Besides Facebook, Instagram is also an attractive B2C channel. Advertising via Instagram best suits for visible content. Don’t know how to attract visitors? Let’s dive into Top 5 Instagram Stories Ads Tips Appealing to Customers

7. Currency Converter Box – BEST 

Have you ever considered expanding your Shopify business into international trade?

Internationally selling is one of the most desirable advantages of eCommerce. Why hold an eCommerce business without reaching potential customers overseas?

Sound difficult? Currency Converter Box – BEST is here to break all barriers, literally. 

Currency Converter Box – BEST is one of the Shopify Apps developed by Autoketing. A currency converter is probably not too strange to Shopify merchants, although Currency Converter Box – BEST possess some features that could surprise you.

First, the Currency Converter Box can convert 164 currencies. Add more of its efficiency, the location is auto located based on customers’ IP.

Second, the exchange rate is refreshed and updated every 3 hours

Third, a high-quality flag image demonstrates the currency. 

Currency Converter Box – BEST Flag Image

Fourth, Shopify merchants are free to customize the converter box icon on the website. There are eight default positions to choose from, or you can set the icon anywhere you want. 

Currency Converter Box beats down all cross-borders and helps your Shopify business thrive.

The international market seems like a big enterprise business. However, as a Shopify business, it is not too ambitious.

Here are ten advantages of international trade:

1) Increased revenue

2) Decreased competition

3) Longer product lifespan

4) Easier cash-flow management

5) Better risk management

6) Benefiting from currency exchange

7) Access export financing

8) Disposal of surplus goods

9) Enhanced reputation

10) Opportunity to specialize

Currency Converter Function

Currency Converter Box – BEST takes your Shopify store to the spotlight and announces to the world. Being exposed to other countries outside your home country gives you the chance to grow your eCommerce business.

Install Currency Converter Box – BEST as the first step to reach overseas.

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8. Carro

“Discover, Collaborate & Grow.”

Carro Team.

Another promise option from the Sales and Optimization Category, Carro surprises customers with its influence.

What does Carro do?

In short, Carro is a sales channel that provides tools to boost brand awareness through beneficial partnerships. 

Carro’s Features

Carro finds an influencer that can give positive feedback to your brand with these four steps.

1) Download Carro and connect your data sources

2) Carro scans for influencers engaging with your brand

3) Notify your influencer

4) Collaborate, send products, and see the posts your brand get tagged in

Carro’s Influencer Partnership helps to find a suitable influencer that provides more brand exposure. Carro invites them to collaborate, and ship the products to create contents.

Carro creates a streamline to save your time and effort. Shopify won’t have to take countless time to do research, reach to influencers, send and answer an enormous amount of emails.

Another great function of Influencer Partnership is Shopify merchants can track all of the Social Media Mentions in the Mentions tab.

Carro’s Social Media Mention

Branding is the surviving strength for every business. Only with a strong image and reputation, you Shopify business can survive and thrive in this hustle and bustle market.

Let your Shopify brand get well-known by the public with Carro.

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9. Ultimate Trust Badges

Ultimate Trust Badges is a notable achievement of Conversion Bear. Ultimate Trust Badges included in The Trust and Security category in Shopify App Market. 

Ultimate Trust Badges receives a 5-star overall rating with over 770 five star reviews and zero negative feedback. It does show how trustworthy and effective Ultimate Trust Badges are with its users.

Ultimate Trust Badges Impressive Five-star Reviews

Ultimate Trust Badges gains over 10.000 businesses’ trust in 90 countries

What does Ultimate Trust Badges have to offer that live up to Shopify merchants expectation?

First, 100+ colorful badge options are ready to land on your Shopify store. With multiple options to choose from, you are free to customize the message, color alignment, and size to whichever fits the store’s theme.

Second, boost sales. With the support of trustable badges, customers are stimulated to make purchase decisions. Ultimate Trust Badges enhance your Shopify business. It ensures consumers understand that your store is secure and reliable.

Third, easy setup. With just one click, Ultimate Trust Badges works instantly with any store’s theme. No technical skills are required, Ultimate Trust Badges provides you stunning designs. 

Ultimate Trust Badges’ Design

Fourth, Ultimate Trust Badges offers key features.

– No coding skill needed

– Fast CDN based performance

– Free

– Hundreds of badges in various segments available

– Custom trust tagline 

– Simple design

– Auto styling support

– Concierge setup

– Request a badge

Ultimate Trust Badges is an incredible app from Conversion Bear that got over 770 recommendations from previous customers. Ultimate Trust Badges takes both Shopify merchants and their customers to the highest level of satisfaction.

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10. NextsChain ~ ALL-IN-ONE

With 10 years of experience in the dropshipping and fulfillment business, NextsChain is a professional in finding and adding products. NextsChain’s mission is to support Shopify merchants in building their brands and reduce shipping problems.

NextsChain ~ ALL-IN-ONE

NextsChain owns multiple appealing features.

– Connect with a variety of top suppliers with high-quality products

– Offer more than 500.000 products

– Worldwide shipping

– Guarantee to deliver packages to US/UK in 5 to 8 days; EUR/AU/CA in 5 to 13 days; Brazil and other countries in 11 to 22 days

– Fully support branding by adding a logo, sticker, gift card, etc

– Provide real-time inventory management services

– Provide automatic price update as well as notification based on your rule setting

– Easily add interesting items in AliExpress

– Link to Unlimited Stores

– Refund or replacement for delivery problems or damaged products

NextsChain Fulfillment Order

Moreover, NextsChain has great customer service. 24/7 online support makes sure every customers’ request is solved as soon as possible. 

Dropshipping and Fulfillment have always been a hardship in every eCommerce business. Let NextsChain support you.

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In Conclusion

Shopify makes it super easy for online stores to grow sales with supported applications. However, it can only be done if Shopify merchants find themselves the right match. 

The most popular and well-advertised doesn’t guarantee an obvious boost in revenue. 10 Shopify Apps got introduced in this blog has been verifying its ability to optimize your site, improve customer experience, and increase sales. 

These apps will help promote your store, sell products, increase customer loyalty, and branding. More importantly, more sales come from the Shopify business.

So, check out the list of 10 Shopify Apps that thrive your business in 2021.

Last but not least, please keep in mind that the Autoketing Team is always ready to support you. We are a Shopify trustworthy partner.

Autoketing is constantly looking for new updates and the best solution for online business on Shopify Store.

If you need any assistance or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always there to help.

For more articles, find us here.

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