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  • Best Practices of Advanced Mobile Optimization for Ecommerce Websites to Increase Conversions

Best Practices of Advanced Mobile Optimization for Ecommerce Websites to Increase Conversions

history April 15, 2020

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If you are running an eCommerce website, one key tactic to fight against your opponents and standing out is ranking higher on Google. Nevertheless, if you do not have a mobile advanced mobile optimization, you’re already on the fast track to irrelevance. World of web creation and mobile traffic may sound difficult for a lot of Shopify merchants, don’t worry, we are here to shed a light on the situation to bring you up-to-date advanced mobile optimization to boost the sales for your store on mobile devices. 

Let’s look at some statics before jumping to the main point, in 2019, desktop transactions started moving rapidly to mobile. To make it clear, mobile purchases in the U.S. would account for 45% of total U.S. eCommerce sales of $632 billion by 2020. Internationally, eCommerce sales purchased through mobile phones are expected to hit $4 trillion worldwide by 2020.

Here are 5 difficulties that customers face when launching a mobile shopping experience:


Lack of product detail

Difficult to navigate

Can’t browse/ compare different tabs

Tough to input details

Even when we see mobile is an effective supporting friend that businesses need, but many Shopify merchants don’t know how to adapt customers convenience coming up to their expectations. 

Now, let’s dive into 5 ways to customer retention and crazy sale drivers with smart approaches to contemporary advanced mobile optimization. 

Adapting Responsive Mobile eCommerce Site 

Being responsive to any mobile phone device is the most important one for any eCommerce website. You must be open to the mobile edition of your website. Nothing can be more off-putting to consumers than a platform that does not make their mobile screens properly and smoothly. All possible conversion-killers are sluggish loading times, broken product ties and poorly designed images, so invest in responsive design ASAP.

When landing on your website, guarantee to bring up the best experiences for your customers, they all want to enjoy an advanced mobile optimization of your websites. So don’t make design or programming errors to ruin your mobile experience, upgrading your site continuously, seek a web developer for help. 

Things that you should concentrate on when your mobile SEO is measured and enhanced:

Site speed

To improve the speed of mobile website, delete any unwanted images, and compact your files. Using automatic mobile acceleration tools, and use Google’s free mobile-friendly software tool to check your website.

Optimize pictures

Better image loading means faster page velocities for your blog. Using tinypng to format the photos before uploading them to your online store. It compresses the picture size without decreasing efficiency. Tinypng allows you to add up to 20 images at a time and then save them to a zip file to delete the images.

Make it clickable

Clickability is critical when it comes to advanced mobile optimization. Note, users, do not have a mouse and use their fingers instead, which varies in size from person to person. Buttons should be larger, and you may want to limit the use of drop-down menus because it fits well from a smartphone perspective.

Avoid pop-ups

Yeah, pop-up messaging can do wonders for capturing emails and boosting sales, however, here you want the best customers’ experience on mobile when shopping. Take note at this Shopify’s merchants, pop-ups are annoying on this version, due to small screen and take up a lot of space. Therefore, remove it! Consider Facebook chat box if they require some advice, always a better choice and an advanced mobile optimization tip.

SEO-Friendly Content

According to Bloomberg, US customers age ranging from 20 to 50 but most of the users are from 20 to 35, so it is undeniable that they are tech-savvy than ever before. When sniffing out insincerity they are more experienced too. For so many companies selling personalized products, consumers don’t want to be sold to. 

Content Marketing is key material to do this. Publishing posts, videos, and infographics that inform and entertain the audience is an easy way to add added value. Instead of just selling your goods, you are showing a deep understanding of their needs and desires, and that will make them more eager to purchase from you.

Easy for Networking Sharing 

A great way to increase interaction on your web, especially on the smartphone, is by optimizing your product’s social networking capabilities. With the ability to share product pages through WhatsApp, SMS, and social media platforms, Asos does this very well.

Offer optimized cart and quick checkout process

When customers are looking for a mobile device to purchase, they would want a fast and trouble-free checkout process-convenience is key! A high rate of dropout checkout is not something that a store like you want to see. Add To Cart buttons are your call to action, make sure from the rest of the page they are wide, transparent and contrasting in color. Look at the entire process from browsing to checking out, and make sure that it runs as easily as possible.

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By following these measures, you should be able to build mobile pages that kick ass and take cash. Always note how many customers now purchase from handheld apps, and make mobile optimization your focus. If you do this, conversions on your Online Shopify are expected to increase.

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