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Best Pieces Of Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs

history July 11, 2018

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If you are a startup business or newbie in the e-commerce Shopify, you are told to learn from well-known stores. They began the online sale a long time ago. They experienced a series of difficulties and challenges, but they still develop and get success. You can learn many lessons from them. Name some stores and list their strong points

 1. Fit Little Bride

Define your desired customers by what their interests are, what motivates them to purchase, what they like and who they want to be. If you design your storefront and products to meet all of their needs and stay true to that brand, your company will be the first thing they think of when they are ready to make a purchase.” – Caydi and Alex Zerega.

2. Raw Generation

Let’s see what we learn from this business. They give a piece of advice about the first period of a store after it is established. When you begin a business, resources are limited. You must use resources effectively. You set goals with a deadline and concentrate on the smallest steps to achieve goals. Make price competitiveness and continue to enhance products’ quality.

3. Catan Boards

We can get pieces of advice on customer care service and marketing from this store. If you engage with customers, do things early before the deadline. Customers will think that your store works and deliver goods fast. Remember to write down personal notes on parcels. Say hi to them on social networks like Twitter or Instagram.

4. Hickies

Think about creative ways to get customer experience better. Hickies store rule is to treat buyers the way we want to be treated. Communicate with customers in a polite way and ease them. “Make every interaction a positive one” _  Mariquel Waingarten.

When you are a Shopify merchant, you must investigate so many things to develop your store and drive sales. Try interesting apps like email with love and facebook chat book from https://autoketing.com/.


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