The Best Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses On Halloween (Part 2)

Halloween, which occurs once every year on the 31st of October, is coming. This is a happy occasion for kids and the best chance for businesses on Shopify. Besides,  the highest sales peak of the year officially starts then. If you stand still, you’re gonna lose a lot while everybody wins big sales.

In part 1, I show you 2 of the best marketing ideas for small businesses on Halloween and here are the next ones. You can apply them to boost your sales.

Costume Party

It’s unique and attractive if you give a discount to people visiting your store in their Halloween costumes. Besides, you can also offer a free piece of cake for the customer who comes to buy a coffee. This is an effective way to bring more clients to your brand.



You should get your email marketing into the festive spirit many weeks before the holiday. It is necessary even if you don’t sell a single scary product.

Using the Halloween email template and formulating an eerie subject line to your email give your subscribers a Halloween feel. It differentiates your message from the others at the same time.

Social Media Campaign

People are more likely to take part in the photo competition on Social media because they love uploading photos. It’s good to make a contest where competitors have to send a photo of their pet in a Halloween costume or Best Pumpkin Carving for the chance to win a prize.


The prize could be anything of your products. Therefore, they are interested in your business and remember your brand and get closer to your products.

Consult the app sales pop by autoketing to find another way to boost your sales.

Dress the CEO

You can get people engaged to interact with your brand by asking your audience about their opinion on what the CEO/Founder/Business owner should wear for a Halloween party. Then, give a few options and then let the public decide. The idea of getting the most likes wins. This is a good way to talk to clients.

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