The Best Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses On Halloween (Part 1)

The Halloween is coming, it’s time for businesses on Shopify to give the best marketing ideas to boost their sales. The Halloween market is very attractive for businesses to take part because it grows in two ways.

Firstly, Halloween seems to be a universal celebration and almost everybody celebrates it. Secondly, a large number of consumers are spending money on celebrating Halloween. This is a great opportunity for enterprises to take advantage of that spending spree.

I suggest that you should take care of your customers by supporting them whenever they have questions with the help of facebook inbox messages.

Halloween now is for both kids and small businesses autumnal. Many activities such as Halloween shopping and pumpkin carving give you unlimited opportunities to make full use of the seasonal festivities and have a little fun at the same time. We give you many ideal suggestions for marketing tactics:


All customers love vouchers and discounts. It’s a great chance to create a special discount campaign and tap into the desire for a bargain.

For instance, one of the good ideas is to get a free ticket or spend a certain amount for the local ghost tour/haunted house tour. Every client wants to spend more money to get the most value for their pennies. Besides, they can probably buy the tickets their your promotion at a bulk discounted rate.

Seasonal Treats

In the September-October time, Starbucks is the first to roll out their pumpkin spiced goodies. It’s the chance for taking advantage? If you are a food business, you should revamp your menu and give it an autumnal twist.

Add more apple and cinnamon, and pumpkin-based recipes and use the Halloween inspired decoration too. That helps you attract more customers and boost sales.

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