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  • The best Black Friday marketing ideas (for 2021)

The best Black Friday marketing ideas (for 2021)

history November 13, 2021

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Is the Black Friday hype already in full swing? Have you planned all of your campaigns and strategies for this year’s Black Friday craziness?

Black Friday used to be a uniquely American phenomenon, but now the entire world is compelled to partake in it. In fact, Black Friday has overtaken Cyber Monday as the most popular shopping day in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

We saw a significant increase in the number of people shopping online last year, with a further year-on-year increase of more than 20% expected in 2021. This year, the online-to-physical retail ratio is expected to reach 37.5 percent to 62.5 percent, up from 21.8 percent and 78.2 percent in 2019, implying that Black Friday will be a big one.

Let’s start with some basic human psychology – everyone enjoys a good deal! Even if it dropped from £20 to £19.99 (I’m not saying this, please don’t!) People will regard it as a ‘deal.’ That is precisely why Black Friday is successful.

Every year, businesses find more creative and inspiring ways to participate in this event, and we’ve written this blog to give you a few pointers and ideas on how to make the most of Black Friday.

Massive discounts for Black Friday promotions

The simplest Black Friday marketing strategy is to lower your prices while maintaining the quality of your products. Begin with a 50% discount and work your way up to a 70% discount on the original course price. Don’t be afraid to lower your price. It’s common for a course worth $290 to be sold for $87 during Black Friday sales. After all, you can always upsell later.

Extend the purchase period

With the last 18 months or so of events shifting consumer behavior to favor online shopping, many predict an early start to the seasonal shopping frenzy. According to a McKinsey & Company consumer trends report, nearly a third of shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping earlier this year than in 2020.

With that in mind, why not allow your customers to pre-order and bag those bargains before Black Friday? Of course, the pre-order and Black Friday offers must be the same. This has the added benefit of making stock management a little easier.

Adding a buffer period to your plans, on the other hand, will keep you from losing those many customers who make late purchases. Using this strategy, you can catch both early birds and latecomers.

Make a flash sale

Flash sales are ideal for increasing the rate of impulse purchases and encouraging people to buy your products right away. Create a deal-of-the-day for a specific time period of 24 or 36 hours and for a limited number of positions for your products. Then, send out an email or make a social media post about it, and watch as those spots fill up in minutes.


Begin by instilling a sense of urgency. Because we all have FOMO, we don’t want to be left out of anything. Countdowns are an excellent way to emphasize this and show people what they will miss out on if they do not act quickly.

Including a countdown timer on your website for the Black Friday sale will cause people to panic and act quickly to make a purchase before supplies run out. This is a common strategy employed by many websites, but it is especially useful for seasonal promotions.

Optimize your landing page/product page

When this time of year arrives, you know it’s time to get started on your landing page. Prepare to make changes to the design to evoke a Black Friday’mood’ and to make it clear to your target customers and site visitors that something is amiss. Concentrate on your branding colors, add strong CTAs, and use pop-ups as needed.

Also, don’t forget to encourage visitors to sign up for your email list so they can stay up to date on course launches and updates. Make your own email list of useful contacts if you don’t already have one.

Create an email marketing campaign.

Begin working on your email campaign at least two weeks before the event. Determine what it will be about, such as launching a course, informing people about the offers and inviting them to check them out, or promoting specific products to a closed customer group with early-bird access.

Customize your emails and subject lines before hitting the send button. Use popular and attention-grabbing words such as ‘Black Friday,’ ‘Cyber Monday,’ ‘Holiday,’ ‘Free,’ ‘Don’t Miss Out,’ ‘Save,’ and ‘Now.’ This should help you attract more students and increase your conversion rate.

Include new products

If you’re about to launch a new product or service, why not make it available only on Black Friday? Adding a banner or simple graphic to the page that says ‘Black Friday Exclusive’ will create an urgency for your customers to buy now rather than later. You can expand on this concept by sending sneak peeks’ to your customers the week before to generate buzz via your social media channels and email.

Lucky dip 

Sales are a great way to get rid of excess inventory, make room for new products, and still make money. And lucky dips give you more control over what you want to get rid of.

How it works: Assume you have three different colors of the same t-shirt. You create another product listing for the lucky dip and charge slightly less than the regular price, but when people order it, they don’t get to choose the color, so you have complete control over which color you send out for individual orders. There’s also the element of surprise, which is always thrilling. What are your thoughts? Is it worth a shot?

Every purchase comes with a free gift.

Depending on what your company offers, you can provide a free gift with every purchase/quote/inquiry related to your industry. Choose a gift that is relatable and relevant, and then look for a supplier who can provide you with a bulk discount.

Tip: Add a minimum order value to avoid receiving insignificant purchases or inquiries.

Offer mystery savings

The use of interactive offers on your website or via email is a great way to entice and create a personal experience for your customers. Certain interactive ‘peel’ or scratch cards are an excellent way to engage your customers. You can use this tool by handing your customer their scratch card as they approach the checkout and prepare to pay. This can aid in the prevention of abandoned carts.


Bundles are already seen as deals, so combining a few products to create bundles/gift boxes is sure to garner more attention during the Black Friday event.

This is also a way to increase your average order value, so why not try it out this Black Friday?

Go the extra mile for your loyal customers

Customer loyalty should not be overlooked. These customers aren’t swayed by price or availability, and they help your company grow and maintain profits.

Trying to acquire a new customer is costly; however, loyal customers are less expensive and tend to spend more. So why not treat them to a particularly generous Black Friday deal that will make them feel more appreciated? They may even spend more than usual because they are aware that this is a one-time extra special Black Friday deal.

Collaboration with other businesses

This is especially useful if you own a small business. You can collaborate with other small businesses to offer both of your products in a single package. It’s a win-win situation for both companies because you’ll be able to cross-sell to your partner’s customers as well.

For example, if you sell coffee mugs, you could collaborate with a small business that sells coffee beans to promote both of your products.

Join social media

Never underestimate social media’s power. Inform your loyal customers about your special offers and encourage them to tell others about them. Distribute discount guides, promotions, and blog posts that direct readers to your course checkout page.

Furthermore, you can design a dedicated homepage banner for your offer and use it across all of your social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook, and so on. You can make your banner using Canva or Visme, or you can browse free stock photos.

What’s your plan?

Take the time to go through your course inventory, select the best ones, and make them available to the public. There are literally hundreds of Black Friday marketing strategies to try, and the choice is entirely yours.

After all, you know your customers better than anyone. To make data-driven decisions, dive deep into your online analytics. Choose the best and most appropriate marketing strategy to meet your learners’ needs while increasing their chances of responding to your offers.

Begin working on your Black Friday deals today, and don’t forget about Cyber Monday. Prepare your Cyber Monday deals as well!

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