The Best Apps To Use On Black Friday Cyber Monday (Part 2)

Selling online is now the hot trend because it allows merchants to reach more customers. You will get the best result if you market your brand well and take advantages of many apps. When you are selling your products on Shopify, you should not ignore these following apps because they will have a positive impact on your sales.

Especially the Black Friday Cyber Monday is coming, you may need the help of many apps to optimize your website and enhance the customer experience.

In Part 1, I showed you 3 of them and here is the rest:

Discount Master

This is the most vital app in the holidays.

During the holidays, customers are looking for the discount programs because everyone wants to buy the product with the lower price.

You can create many discount campaigns or special offers to your clients. It can be the promotion to only loyal customers or all customers. You can give the 40% discount to loyal audiences and 25% discount to others. Therefore, visitors want to buy more to become loyal customers.

Besides, you can set the 35% discount for the order over 200 dollars and 25% discount for the order over 100 dollars. As the result, clients tend to purchase more and this makes the significant contribution to skyrocketing your revenue.


With discount master apps, you can create a discount campaign easily. It helps to save your time by setting the discount price for various items at the same time. Furthermore, it is attractive with its eye-catching themes including the holiday themes like Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween.

It also helps you create an urgency about time to encourage customers to make a purchase faster. Customers will also know the remaining quantity of each item in stock.

Currency Converter Box

The customer experience is important for them to make a purchase. Various shop owners are selling online and their customers come from different countries. So, it’s important to allow them to see the price of your products in their currency.

This app provides enough 164 currencies around the world and you just need to pay 0 dollars to possess it. You can set up the currency or it is able to look for and define the location of customers and set the currency automatically.

Merchants are able to set the text color, background color, hover color and even the icon of the pop-up.


Shipping Bar Master

It is a must-have application because it creates free shipping campaigns. It encourages customers to make purchases by showing the shipping bars on the store.

With Shipping Bar Master, enterprises can set a cart goal to offer free shipping service to customers. Therefore, it contributes to skyrocketing revenue because customers will add more items to achieve the cart goal and gain free shipping.

This app is easy for businesses to customize with themes, text, content, and countdown timer.

Try it out to generate the greater profit.

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