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  • Beginner’s Guides to Run Sales Promotions (Part 1)

Beginner’s Guides to Run Sales Promotions (Part 1)

history March 31, 2020

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One of the most popular eCommerce platform, Shopify, that none online business owners should miss. However, do you know some tactics that you can utilize to run sales promotions and push your eCommerce site conversion rate up?

To optimize the best for your eCommerce store, you should always be brainstorming on ways to improve it.

Developing creative concepts for eCommerce promotion can be difficult but will eventually pay off in dividends when correctly implemented on your eCommerce shop. Most shopping cart platforms offer these sales boosting eCommerce apps, so take advantage of them!

In this article, we’ll explain how you can run effective sales and promotions on your eCommerce shop.

Why is it necessary to use e-commerce promotions and special offers?

Digital users today are more tech-savvy than ever before, combining this with the fact that there are more products to shop online than ever before, and it’s no wonder that it can always take extra convincing to get your guests to press the button to checkout. Find your eCommerce promotions as one of the most important methods of persuasion at your fingertips in that sense

Free Shipping Promotion

Don’t you know that the shipping fee affects the attitudes of most buyers when purchasing some goods? Extra shipping charges lead to cart abandonment during the checkout process. Besides removing a cost many of your guests would expect, free shipping can simplify the entire sales process.

Research shows that 93 percent of online shoppers say they are willing to purchase if the goods are shipped with no fees. Two of the three shoppers said if they knew they could return products with free shipping they would buy more online. If you want to provide these services free of charge, you will, of course, need to set your pricing and business model properly.

Shipping Bar Master is a Shopify supporting app, offering automatic shipping campaigns and creating free shipping campaigns to adapt to the desire of customers. 

One thing worth noting is that the shipping costs do not actually have to be borne by your company, you can easily “cover” the shipping charges by embedding them directly into the product price.

Seasonal Discount

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter are all the time for merchants to celebrate. Invite your clients to the party and offer them a fair price on seasonal goods, I guarantee that it’s going to boost your store sales crazier. 

Besides, end-of-season is as well as a beginning. That gives you another four reasons for offering especially reasonable prices. When are end-of-summer discounts transforming into fall discounts? Many products and services are after all linked to summer and others are ideal for autumn. For next summer, consumers will stock up on items when prices are small and get dropping inventory while the sales run. 

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Purchase anniversary

Let your clients know that you value them by celebrating the day they put their orders with you last year, recently, their first time, etc. Offering a special discount on their next purchase is a wonderful incentive and it makes you a little more valuable to them. Hold on for milestone anniversaries and celebrate your followers, and they will take the fold to others. 

You can inform your customers by sending them Thank you Email to give them a sincere interest in your store again and also increase the chance of building trust between two parties. A genuine welcome email will make clients feel better for yourself and build a long-term relationship with each client. That also creates a positive connection between you and your customers from the very first time.

Stay close and wait for the next part about running your sales promotions effectively. 

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