Avoid Seven Common Advertisement Mistakes On Facebook (Part 1)

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. There are over two billion active accounts. Users not only communicate and shares thoughts but also sell products on Facebook. Many people choose to run a business on this platform. It’s no doubt that Facebook provides one of the biggest advertising platforms for businesses in every size to get the target audience.

If you are new to Facebook selling, you must learn and do everything by yourself. It can be difficult to explore how much trial and mistake. We collect common errors many businessmen make. We also recommend some solutions which can help your business. E-commerce businessmen on Shopify can learn to expand their business on Facebook.

Not Investing In Audience Research Upfront

You must get the right audience first. Facebook has a variety of users. They come from different countries. They are at different age ranges and classes. They are so diversified. You must choose the target audience. Which type of audience do your products serve? Who has the demand to use your items? It’s important to gain the right audience. You can waste money and other sources if you have the wrong audience.

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You need to do some tests before you apply ad copy and format. You must put in customers’ shoes to understand what they want. Don’t just guess! Research and carry on surveys to find out the market’s demand. You answer some questions:

  • What would they Google?
  • Which types of pages would they “like” on Facebook?
  • What influencers or celebrities do they follow?
  • What apps do they use?
  • What publications/blogs do they read?
  • Who competitors are your competitors?
  • Where do they hang out on Reddit?

You find interests people are fond of now and their uniqueness. You can analyze big competitors. You can like the pages under a personal profile. Facebook suggests some pages which related to the fields you research. Don’t spend time on pages that don’t have strong bonds with purchasing intent.

Facebook’s Audience Insights tool will assist you to brainstorm targeting ideas based on the interests and qualities you want.
You can use facebook customer service live chat to chat with shoppers and explore their demand and interest.

Targeting an audience which is too broad

A common mistake that businessmen make is becoming too broad with the target audience. Narrow the audience and only take the right customers. It’s not true that everybody is potential customers.

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Many e-commerce businesses have a size of 500K to 1.5 million users. In case you have too many audiences, you should narrow interests to decrease the number of audiences. On the other hand, you add interests to produce a bigger pool.

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You waste your money on advertising if you don’t get any result. You must optimize advertisements so that they work in the best way. In the first place, the key is collecting data and insight. You calculate how much you should spend on advertisements. For example, the cost of a product is $20 and you sell for $55. You gain around $35 to spend on acquiring a customer to break even. Be willing to go beyond that with your budget in the beginning as you test your audience and ads.

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