Avoid These Key Customer Service Mistakes To Get Success (Part 1)

Customer service seems to be the backbone of a successful business. The good customer service of a business on Shopify can be built in the good reviews and repeat customers. Moreover, it also bases on the word getting around about negative customer experiences and people avoiding your business altogether.

Customer service is so important. Besides, it is valuable to know some of the most common customer service mistakes. Customer service experts give these mistakes which businesses need to avoid to get the best results:


It can be automated but it should not be over-automated

Besides, automation also does not mean automatically translating into cost savings.

Don’t automate just because you can. Be careful to avoid erasing all the personalization and direct contact with the clients.

Provide a variety of different communication modes when possible because as some customers prefer talking to a person over the phone while others want to chat online.

Don’t force customers to use frustrating phone trees and give them the option they want.

Failing to listen

It is a big mistake if you think you know what the customer wants, instead of listening to the customer.

If you are the manager, it’s important to teach listening skills throughout the organization, especially to customer service representatives. To develop processes, CSRs need to listen to customers really and get rid of CSR scripts.

Undervaluing customer service staff

If the staff members interacting with customers the most are paid and valued the least, it is a shame. Businesses should hire the better staff, reward them for providing great service, and pay them more to avoid this mistake.

In addition, you also need the help of other apps to improve the customer services such as email with love and facebook chat messenger on https://autoketing.com/.

Explore more with us in Part 2.

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