Two Types Of Exchange Rate

Exchange rate is the amount of one currency exchanging for another. For instance, exchange rate of the US dollar refers how much a US dollar is worth in a foreign currency. If you went to the United Kingdom on June 19, 2017, you would get 0.77 pounds for one US dollar. Every currency has its […]

How To Make An Amazing First Impression For Your Online Store

E-commerce is developing more than ever. 2017 is the prosperous year of e-commerce with impressive numbers, such as $434 billion which is the US e-commerce sales. This number will grow even more in the future. Consumers tend to go shopping online, especially via their smartphones. Thus, if you have an online store on Shopify or […]

Why Photos Of Website Matter

A website which owns the eye-catching and beautiful photos attracts more customers and has the higher conversion rates. The images give the customer a real and clear view of the products, so that they feel more confident and will decide to buy your items. You should invest seriously and appropriately in the images to attract […]

Develop Business With Shopping Annuity And The Virtual Goods Model

Choosing a business model is also an important key to success. Nowadays, there are many types of business models but the enterprises should choose the best profitable one. You can create an online store on the Shopify platform which supports you from the domain, design, theme, to applications and so on. In this article, I […]

Rules For Staying Ahead In The E-Commerce Race

E-commerce has been thriving in many recent years. According to a report released by the U.S. Commerce Department, e-commerce sales rose 15.1 percent last years and it encompasses 8.1 percent of total retail transactions. Moreover, e-commerce will develop quickly in the future. Why do many enterprises on Shopify which are well-funded manage to thrive but […]

Importance Of Applying GDRP In Designing Apps and Websites

What is GDPR? Have you ever heard about GDPR? It is short for General Data Protection Regulation. This law was made in Europe. You can call it Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. It fills your inbox with identikit warnings from companies you are online interacting with that the privacy policy has changed and notifies “just […]

The On-Demand And Freemium Model Build Billion-Dollar Companies.

Choosing the right business model also contributes greatly to business success. From the beginning, you need a roadmap of where you’re headed and how to get there. Whether you own an online store on Shopify or an off-line store, you should select the appropriate business model. In this article, we will mention 2 of the […]

The Solution To Fight Against Fraud In E-Commerce

One of the most dangerous challenges of the e-commerce store is to prevent fraud chargebacks. When users lose money on their credit card statement, they will ask their credit card company. This will result in fraudulent charges to the owner of the e-commerce store. The merchant must compensate the full amount of money that the […]

Why Fraud Is A Business Killer

A report said that credit card fraud costs businesses and banks over one billion dollars in direct losses each year. Businesses are at great risk of credit card fraud based on a variety of internal and external factors. If you own an online store on Shopify or the similar platforms, you should be careful to […]

Accepting Multiple Payment Methods Helps Increase Sales

E-commerce is developing, customers expect to pay for their online purchases using their preferred methods. If you possess an online store on Shopify, you should diversify the form of payment to boost your sales. There is the fact that 50% of regular buyers cancel their purchases because their preferred payment method is not available. They […]

Identity Theft In E-Commerce

E-commerce revenue is in the rapid growth, but the percentage of fraud in online transactions, as well as the number of fraud cases, is increasing faster still. When you have an online store in the e-commerce platform such as Shopify, you should be careful to protect ourselves against fraud. A research said that identity theft […]

The Importance Of Same-Day Delivery

Nowadays, the speed of delivery and ordering speed are the two parameters for e-commerce retailers to retain customers and earn their trust and loyalty. It is said that “Time is Money”, so customers expect to a same-day delivery service. You can eliminate one of the significant differences between in-store and online shopping if you succeed […]

The Power Of Personalization On E-Commerce

The e-commerce industry performs the impressive growth in many recent years. It continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so e-retailers need to keep up with the trends to be outstanding in the market and make customers happy. One of these latest trends is personalization. If you have an online store on Shopify, you should […]

Types Of Fraud In E-Commerce Beyond Identity Theft

E-commerce brings a great revenue to merchants and the convenience to consumers. When, technology and e-commerce thrive, the percentage of fraud in online transactions is increasing faster. Criminals are becoming more sophisticated, so if you have an online store in Shopify, you need to check for any technological vulnerabilities to avoid the hackers. Besides the […]

Protect Brand Value In E-Commerce

Shopping online has been developing widely over the last few years.  E-commerce is a potential and enormous market in which big brands attend a fierce competition. Imagine you are a brand. How do you increase revenue and protect their brand in the competitive environment? Below there are four pieces of advice on a strategy of locating […]

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