Analyze: Reflecting Back To Optimize To Get Sales

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Optimize the store is also important for business. It brings the good experiences to customers. Thus, when you are running an online store on Shopify, you need to try your best to optimize your store.

By this point, hopefully, you are trying various tactics to see a jump in traffic and maybe even some sales. The challenge is to create a feedback loop, where you expose your store to traffic. Then, set a benchmark for its performance, and then work to improve it.

By looking at the feedback you’ve gotten from actively promoting your store and your analytics dashboard (both in Shopify and Google Analytics), so now you can begin diagnosing the potential problems with your store.

There are plenty of reasons customers do not buy from you. Based on how your traffic behaves, you can make informed guesses:

If you have a high bounce rate.

It means that visitors come to your site and leaving immediately. The reasons can be that your traffic might be low quality or your store might take too long to load.

If customers visit your website but no one adds products to his or her cart.

It may be that you haven’t achieved product/market fit. In this case, you need to find the right niche or try different products. Besides, the reason can be that customers just don’t trust your store enough to buy.

You have a lot of abandoned carts when checkout.

In this case, you may need to reconsider your shipping.

You can start tweaking things about your store based on these learnings. Then, you’ll have a better chance when you have your go at another round of marketing.

Your main purpose is to drive traffic. It brings you the opportunity to get success. The best ways are to explore, try, fail and improve. After that, you can find out the methods which work for you.

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