How To Advertise Your Online Store Effectively?

Advertising is one of the ways to bring your brand in Shopify closer to consumers. From there, the interaction with the customer will increase and it is easier for business to boost the sales.

I will mention many ways to advertise your store as well as your products.

Text Ads

It is considered to be the most basic type of advertisement on the Internet. They can be run in nearly every type of ad platform – most famously Google. They appear in a headline, some text, and a call to action with a URL.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads appeared a long time ago. They are likely similar to Text ads but they can use the pictures and rich media to get the purpose. They have the standard sizes and are appropriate to most networks (such as the Google Display Network). Thus, they execute the professional ad campaigns for your website.


Google is the advertising master of the Internet. You can place ads on targeted keywords in Google because it has the largest search network in the world. The click ads in search results are paid powerful. It can display your exact products and services and it is the place to test pricing, messaging, return on investment, and demand before expanding to other options.

Besides, Google also owns the largest display ad network in the world. It allows you to advertise to 85% of all Internet users everywhere.


Facebook allows you to reach any group among its 1 BILLION+ users.

Facebook gives two main products – the promoted posts and the ads you see on the sidebar of the newsfeed. The promoted posts are the content you pay to appear in user’s newsfeeds.


Twitter has created some pretty amazing products by recently really stepping up its advertising options. It allows you to promote your account, your tweets, or hashtags.

Besides advertisement, you should control your online store well and take care of your customers. Follow to find more information to boost your revenue and the useful apps such as email with love and facebook chat messenger to manage your selling process.


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