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  • 5 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips For ECommerce In 2021

5 Powerful Instagram Marketing Tips For ECommerce In 2021

history January 9, 2021

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It seems like the term Instagram Marketing has become familiar these days. Instagram was launched in 2010 and it changed the digital world. Everyone and their pets were on Instagram. Afterward, merchants snapped the marketing opportunities and put their business in the spotlight. 

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Here are 6 reasons why you should do Instagram Marketing:

  • Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users 
  • 500 million daily Instagram Stories
  • 130 million Instagram users in the U.S
  • Users browse Instagram 53 minutes every day on average
  • 90% of users follow at least one business
  • Instagram helps 83% discover new products and services
Instagram Marketing

Learn How To Optimize Instagram Advertising

However, there is a catch.

The Instagram algorithm is the key factor to determine the group of people seeing your content. However, the algorithm changes frequently which makes it harder to make the most of Instagram Marketing.

In this article, we will shake the old understanding of Instagram Marketing to enhance the new and updated Instagram Marketing Strategies in 2021.

1. Set Up Instagram Business Account

Before going further to any Instagram Marketing Tips, let start with the basic.

An Instagram business account gives you more advantages than a personal account. There is more than one reason why you should set an Instagram business account. 

  • Instagram Insight
  • Instagram Ads
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Primary and secondary messaging inboxes
  • Contact information
  • Call To Action button

A business account allows you to create and publish Instagram ads without the assistance of Facebook’s tools. It also gives you access to analytics tools for a deeper understanding of audiences. 

An Instagram business profile provides you multiple tools to maximize engagement with your targeted audiences. 

2. Define Your Instagram Marketing Goals

Define the goals is always the first and most important step. Instagram and all other social media platforms provide you many marketing tools. However, in this case, the more the less. Unless you have clear goals and an Instagram Marketing plan play out, you will struggle to reach the targets.

Here are some suggestions for Instagram Marketing goals:

  • Create an online presence of your brand on Instagram
  • Create brand awareness
  • Get more lead
  • Convert sales
  • Sale products or services

You can combine more than one target for your Instagram Marketing. However, remember to make it clear and achievable.

3. Optimize Your Account

Choose your profile picture

The profile photo is the first impression for new visitors. For this reason, select a profile image consistent with your brand. 

Consider using the brand’s logo as a profile photo of your Instagram account. Please keep in mind that Instagram crop the profile photo in a circle. Customize your image to fit the Instagram profile frame.

Instagram business bio

Next up is filling the bio. Because the maximum length of Instagram bios is 150 characters, you should write a direct introduction about your brand. Though Instagram bio isn’t searchable, it’s preferable to put your brand’s unique selling point and personal statement.

In the bio, don’t go overboard with keywords and hashtags. Autoketing suggests you put URL clickable links to have more chances in driving traffic.

4. Attract Audiences With Compelling Visual Content

Instagram is the best visually supported social media platform. You don’t need to have an artist’s taste to display a great look for your Instagram account. However, your uploaded images need to meet some requirements such as sharpness, well-lit, well-composed, and in-focus.

The ideal shape for an Instagram photo is a square with the size of 800×800.

In case you’re using images over photos, for example, infographic or animation. Then these types of visual contents have different requirements. For instance, you can apply a theme or consistent colors to boost the brand’s awareness. The images should crisp, clear, eye-catching, and the letters are contrasted easily to read.

5. Publish Compelling Content

Though Instagram is a supported visual social media platform, a strong call to action caption would help you earn more sales. However, seeing promoting or advertising content too many times is the top 1 reason for losing engagement and existing followers.

Not knowing what to post? Autoketing has some ideas for you.

  • Stories of brand and employee
  • Behind the scenes
  • Reels
  • Short videos
  • Influencers post
  • Social mention
Autoketing Social Mention

The caption is your brand’s voice. If the visual catch customers’ attention, then the caption stimulates their action

An Instagram caption can up to 2.200 characters so you can create for detailed storytelling. However, only the first two lines in your caption appear in the feed. The first 20 letters in your caption have to stimulate visitors to click and read the post.

Moreover, people usually scan captions, so the most important information should also include in these first two lines.

We have recommendations on caption length:

– Organic posts: 130 – 150 characters

– Instagram ads: 125 characters

Of course, there is no algorithm in a creative field such as marketing via social media. The caption length can be flexible based on your message. 

Remember that the Instagram caption should always be relevant, entertaining, informative, compelling, and on-brand.

In conclusion

Instagram has dominated the social media world and become an important part of digital marketing.

Instagram Marketing isn’t a new term. However, the industry is getting more competitive, you should keep updating for new Instagram Marketing trends and strategies.

Create and boosting brand existence on social media seems irritative, yet rewarding. 

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