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  • 7 Successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing 

7 Successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing 

history April 3, 2021

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Happy and satisfied customers always want to share their shopping experiences. And most people decide to make their purchase after reading positive customer reviews on the website.

When you share your customer’s real-time experiences on your website, social media, blogs, etc. It shows brand warranty and promotes a sense of trust in the minds of buyers who are planning to use the product or service for the first time. It makes your brand more trustworthy in the real world amongst other competitors.

Customer reviews can make or break a brand reputation and encouraging satisfied customers to share their experience online, especially on social media channels can help your businesses create social proof of your effective services.

Using positive reviews in everyday marketing can be a powerful tool to attract customers. A lot of brands have started taking customer review strategy very seriously because it strengthens a connection with their buyers instantly.

Why do buyers look at reviews before buying?

Because no one likes wasting money on bad products and bad services. We want something effective, that can deliver on its promise, and can fulfill our needs and desires. 

To get that kind of assurance before purchasing, hearing from a trustworthy person is very crucial. Customers buy based on emotion, but they verify purchases with logic. Reviews provide that logic. 

Reviews are extremely important in influencing buyers’ decisions to buy. If you aren’t displaying any real-time reviews on your products pages, then your customers have nothing guaranteed that will boost their decision to buy. They may hesitate and try other competitors, or decide to wait. 

Online review could be said it is as important as a personal recommendation. Why does this matter? It speaks to how much people trust customer reviews. If your relative or close friend recommends something, you trust them. Hence, consumers read customer reviews with the same level of trust.

Customers spend 31% more at businesses with ‘excellent reviews. More trust means more sales.

Customer reviews are a big deal — so get a lot of them, and use them. 

7 successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing

Reviews are extremely important in influencing buyers’ decisions to buy

Analysis of customer reviews

The best reviews are specific reviews. Common lines like, “the products are great” or “we love it!” won’t persuade a person to buy. 

A review should compare the differences before and after buying your product or service. What problem did they have, and how did your products help solve it? Other good reviews can talk about bad experiences at other shops and how your store was different. 

Besides the content of the review, the reviewer’s name also is important, it’s even better with photos and videos. Why? Because reviews have to be trusted, and customers know how false reviews can be made up like. Clear information and photos make reviews more credible. 

7 ways of using customer reviews in marketing

Getting good reviews is one thing, but how you use them, and where will you display them, is also important. Here are seven ways to use customer reviews in your marketing strategy to rock your sales.

1. Display reviews on your home page

Having a designated page for testimonials is great, but you should also make the best reviews visible on every single page of your website, especially on your products page, because the product page is your sales page. Pick out some highlight customer reviews that are relevant to specific products, and put them right on those pages.

7 successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing

Put some highlight reviews on your product page

2. Share reviews on your social media platform

This is possibly the most vital of all the ways to share customer reviews to increase credibility. Consumers tend to turn to social media to determine whether a business is convincing. In addition to looking at the number of followers or likes your page or account has, they also look at your reviews and ratings. Make sure your reviews are easily viewable on all of your social media profiles – it can make a huge difference.

The options are endless when it comes to sharing customer reviews on social media channels.

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn are popular social media platforms for customers to discuss and share their experience or submit reviews related to your products or services. Assemble and influence positive customer reviews by sharing them on your business social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

You can retweet them, feature them on Instagram and Facebook feed or stories and create a post on LinkedIn.

Including customer image and video will add believability and credibility to your business by expressing why people love you. This is a very easy and free strategy.

7 successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing

Create a post and feature your customer reviews on the social media platform

3. Include reviews in your pricing packages

To justify the cost of your products or services, display customer reviews within your pricing packages. This will help potential customers see the value of your business and consider it worth the investment. Reviews from past customers are a great addition to your pricing packages, this shows the true value behind your products and helps to justify your business’s cost. 

4. Highlight reviews that include customer pictures

Depending on your product, some reviews might insert photos. And, as mentioned earlier, testimonials accompanied by photos have more power to persuade because they’re more trustworthy and credible. And if you can gather videos, they’ll be even more persuasive.

5. Reviews in your promotional videos

Include a section for customer reviews or scatter them throughout any promotional videos for your business. While customers are watching to learn more about your store, reviews serve as a subtle reminder that you have made other customers happy.

6. Share customer reviews in marketing emails

Choose your preferred customer review and add it to your email signature. Also, perhaps include a different customer review at the end of every mass email you distribute to customers on your email list to give that little reminder that your store is the best for a reason.

This can also make your cart abandonment emails more effective, add some of your most powerful customer reviews right in the email. There would be a 63% chance an order can be recovered. 

7 successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing

Email from Shape Fx that successfully adds reviews to its pitch.

7. Showcase reviews on your blog

If you have a separate site for your business’s blog, find a way to showcase your favorite reviews on the main page to increase visitors’ faith in your expertise on the topics you’re blogging about.

Add a review widget to your business’s blog to showcase reviews on those sites. Also, consider adding review us to encourage customers to review you.

7 successful ways of using customer reviews in everyday marketing

Final thought

These are some successful ways of using customer reviews in your marketing strategy. Always remember that if you tell people that your brand is the best in the market, it won’t make them reach their pockets. But if your customers do the same, it will build trust, boost customer engagement and increase your brand credibility.

If you’ve not used customer reviews in your marketing strategies yet, it’s your chance to attract your visitors by showcasing your credibility to improve conversions, click-through rates, sales, and revenue.

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