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7 Steps to Create Perfect Product Images For your Online Store

history July 2, 2018

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One of the keys to promoting your products is learning how to create great product images for your online store in Shopify in the best light so you can win yourself sales. Having professional and high-quality photos on your site will help present your brand as trustworthy and desirable in the eyes of your potential customers.

We are pleased to introduce to you a number of photography basics and simple tricks to take some killer photos that draw more people to your store and increase your sales.

Step 1: Getting the right camera

You should invest in a professional, expensive camera such as the DSLR camera in order to produce great product images. Although these can be expensive, they will ensure that you produce some high-quality photographs.

If you can’t afford them, an iPhone camera and a standard digital camera can also produce some great shots but they need to edit.

Step 2: Shoot with the best angles and range

You should make sure that you take pictures from a suitable distance. For instance, with an item that has a lot of intricate details, you need to capture it in a close-up photograph.

In contrast, in order to adequately capture the beauty of the larger product like a piece of furniture or an item of clothing, then it’s important to take a photo further away.

Besides, you also should take photos from many different angles.

Step 3: Get the lighting right

You need to consider your light quality when taking the photo to have the best look for your products. You can take advantage of the sunlight or invest in some professional lights.

Step 4: Consider Your Backdrop

It’s important to choose the ideal backdrop for a great product image when you take your photographs. Try out the backgrounds with the neutral shade to help make your product stand out.

For example, you can put your jewelry in a pretty bowl for a close-up shot, or on the page of a vintage book.

Step 5: Pick the Right Models to Represent Your Brand

Model is vital for your brand to stand out from the competition. Consider how a model will fit into your overall brand. The more diverse and less conventional models help your products stand out in a sea of products.

Step 6: Edit Your Photos

You can use photo editing software which brings in some more appealing effects to help saturate the colors of your items.

Step 7: Ensure your images are the same size on your online store

Be sure to crop and resize all the images for them to have the same size for your final presentation on your online store. Thus, they appear well-organized and professional on your page and the customers will be impressed by your site.

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