6 Ideas For Halloween Campaigns To Boost Sales (Part 3)

The Halloween is coming. Do you have any plan for your businesses? If you have an online store on the Shopify platform, it’s time for you to make any ideas for Halloween campaigns to boost your sales.

We show you 4 ideas on part 1 and part 2 and here is the rest of Halloween Campaigns:

Tie regular products to the Halloween theme

It does not require selling costumes, pumpkins, or party supplies when running Halloween-related marketing campaigns.

For example, Thom Pharmakis described how his team created a special email newsletter for Halloween. The newsletter included “Spooky colors” on how to turn your daily clothes to a Halloween costume.

Change your email with the ghostly themes. You can add a spooky subject line with some supporting copy and a Halloween-inspired image.



Fun novelty products are fairly easy to find If you want to sell a few Halloween items. You can search for specialty wholesalers and making a few inquiry calls, Voigt says.

I suggest you should try out the discount master app for free to create many discount campaigns with exciting themes.

Buck the traditional Halloween theme

Of course, among many Halloween promotions, you might decide that presenting customers with an alternative to ghosts and ghouls is the best way to stand out.

For instance, a luxury resort named The Greenbriar designed an email campaign to promote a “Different kind of Halloween” for its upscale travelers.


The email featured:

  • The opposed colors to the typical orange and black color scheme of most Halloween promotions: the rich red and gold autumnal.
  • The image of a daughter and her mother lying on fallen leaves. This reinforced the notion of a unique family vacation, as your kids may never beg for candy again. Make this Halloween is the happy occasion that the whole family can enjoy.

The images and links to fall activities at the resort, including:

  • Fly fishing
  • Hunting
  • Falconry
  • Golf
  • Mountain biking

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