6 Ideas For Halloween Campaigns To Boost Sales (Part 2)

The Halloween is coming with the chance to boost sales for businesses. If you give the suitable plan for this holiday, you can gain the best results and gain a large amount of money. It’s time for the businesses on Shopify to bring their brand closers to customers and get more sales.

In part 1, you know 2 outstanding ideas for Halloween campaigns, and here are the others:

Offer Halloween-appropriate incentives for purchases

The Halloween promotions include many discounts and special offers. Among them, a free gift is a good idea for every seasonal purchase.

You can find a low-cost item that’s small and easy to ship such as pumpkin carving kits with every Halloween order. These sweeteners make more reluctant customers purchase, and that will help regular customers feel like they’re getting a better deal.

If your store does not normally offer any products relating to Halloween, you can make use of the holiday-themed marketing.

Encourage user-generated Halloween content

Enterprises can require the audience to explore its creative side by sending the Halloween-inspired creations.

Try out the discount master app to create many discount campaigns to boost your revenue.

The user-generated content including stories, photos, jokes, and drawings can generate search traffic, build excitement among customers, and give you content for Halloween promos. Enterprises can also share the content with partner sites to earn inbound links from holiday-related content.


For example, Dan Roberts worked with his team to create a gallery of images on their Good Housekeeping website of Halloween costumes for pets wearing. They had enough images and they gathered them into subtopics including a “Star Wars” theme.

He and his team built a page to host the gallery and submitted the link to Digg. Á a result, they were ranking well for competitive search engine phrases around Halloween costumes within a week.

This is like a lightning bolt in the Halloween season.

It is clear that the right seasonal marketing strategies can bring the best result.

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