6 Ideas For Halloween Campaigns To Boost Sales (Part 1)

Halloween is a mere 4 weeks away. It’s time to make a plan to promote this holiday and increase your sales. There are many ideas for businesses on Shopify to improve their revenue on Halloween.

According to the industry market researcher IBISWorld, Halloween retail sales reached $6 billion in 2009, up 4.2% from $5.77 billion in 2008.

Do you have many promotion plans for your email marketing on Halloween? Consult these proven ideas articles for some inspiration.

6 Ideas for Halloween Campaigns to boost sales

Make Halloween a month-long, multichannel theme

You should use the entire October to focus on the Halloween sales. This selling season gives you a lot of flexibility. You can mix a month-long marketing plan and different types of promotions.

Consider using the discount master app to create the promotion campaigns.

6-Ideas-For-Halloween-Campaigns-To Boost-Sales-Part-1-1

For instance, last year, Wilton baking accessory company coordinated a month-long series of Halloween promotions. Thet offered cookie- and cake-decorating ideas, party tips, and product promotions in several channels:

  • Created Halloween party-planning videos to post to their blog, YouTube, and Facebook page.
  • Promoted Halloween baking ideas and specific products on Twitter, like cookie cutters. Then, the brand sent a tweet encouraging consumers to post their created photos on Wilton’s Facebook page on Halloween.
  • Made Halloween theme for October email newsletter, offering ideas for cakes, cookie, and cupcake decorations.

As the result, they generated a 120% increase in Halloween product views on Wilton.com by combining email and social media promotions.

Time email promotions for different customers

You may want to target the organized Halloween planners and the last-minute shoppers when developing email campaigns for October. This means developing different email campaigns for online sales and in-store purchases if you’re a multichannel merchant.

6-Ideas-For-Halloween-Campaigns-To Boost-Sales-Part-1-1

Diana Voigt, the marketing manager recommends:

  • Email e-commerce promos two weeks before Halloween.
  • During the week of Halloween, email brick-and-mortar promos to capture sales from last-minute customers with no time to have orders shipped.

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Continue reading part 2 to know the other campaigns.

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