6 Free And Effective Applications On Shopify (Part 2)

In the previous post (Part 1), we have mentioned 3 apps for free on Shopify that you should know. And in this part 2, we continue to introduce 3 others to you and hope you feel its useful.

4.     Chattypeople

This is the most advanced chatbot software, which applied artificial intelligent (AI) for Facebook messenger. You can design chatbot functionality easily through by this application without code and programming. The tools of Chattypeople are varied and sophisticated in technology application.


On the other hand, it is also very easy to use and simple; it helps you design chatbot suitably for your customers and business size. Integrating a chatbot into a Shopify shop is a trick that will help you optimize the connection between your social network and the Shopify website. Chattypeople designs the right script for manipulating artificial intelligence into e-commerce.

Besides Chattypeople, you can use app “Facebook chatbot on Autoketing”. Many store owners have believed in and used successfully it to take care of their loyal customers.

5.     Swell

According to the research by Bain and Company, sales for present customers are more easily than new customers  67%. Building loyalty customers by the rewards can help you save time, effort and money more than finding new customers. Therefore, you must constantly encourage your customers to comeback by the program to accumulate points when they are buying. You can use the app Swell to design the program for customers with a friendly platform for users just by a few clicks.

6.     Bulk discount

This application is grown up by Shopify. It allows you to create thousands of promotion code just by a few clicks. Besides, the app is also available in many discount codes as the code is applied one time, limited quantities code or code does not restrict the use time. When using the Bulk discount, you can set the characteristics related to the user corresponds to the conditional and follow the rate using the discount code. You can also delete the discount code and export into plain text.


Besides, there is a new app have the functions similar to Bulk discount in the generated code discounts to attract customers. It is “Discount Master Online”, a product from Autoketing team. So, you can try this app if you want to explore more utilities.

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