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5 Ultimate Hacks To Create A Compelling Shopify Popup

history September 25, 2020

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Does Shopify Popup work?

Anyone can install a Shopify Popup App, but not all can create a compelling Popup that converts. Popup is the best tool when it comes to boosting sales. However, many Shopify Merchants still struggle with conversion rates after implementing Popup. The problem? Most eCommerce businesses pull the trigger without taking time to optimize the Popup. In this article, we will uncover 5 Ultimate Hacks To Create A Compelling Shopify Popup.

Before diving into tips to design a best practice Shopify Popup, let see how an unqualified Popup looks like.

1- Generic

2- Provide little or no value to visitors

3- Interrupt on-site experience

4- Overly promotional

5- Unfriendly to users

According to Wisepop, 76% of eCommerce stores displayed Popup as soon as the website lands. Moreover, most of them only apply one type of Popup. Both are huge mistakes. 

The majority of subscribers hate advertising. Though Shopify Popup is a type of advertising, ít’s possible to drive customers to interest and click it themselves. All you have to do is spend a little time and effort.

In case you’re considering changing your Shopify Popup App, check out 6 Best Shopify Popup App: Pros and Cons.

1. Shopify Most Popular Popup Formats

Did it surprise you that Popup has more than one type?

Either it’s a yes or a no, you should know that once is not enough. Of course, we don’t recommend you shove it all at once. It will definitely overwhelm and annoy visitors. We will get to tips to get the Shopify Popup setting to perfection later on. But first, let walk through the common Popup that is your Shopify Store and apply.

Slide-In Popup

The least intrusive Shopify Popup. Slide-In Popup slides into the user’s screen from the side without blocking the whole screen. It prevents interrupting visitors from viewing your Shopify Store content.

Exit Popup

Shopify Popup that appears when users navigate away from the store.

Shopify Email Popup

The purpose of the Email Popup is to build an email list for your Shopify Store. It provides value such as discounts or coupons if non-register joins your email list.

Shopify Mobile Popup

This type of Shopify Popup includes all the above, displayed on mobile devices.

These are four common Shopify Popup. Further in this article, we will find out specific popup suits in what scenarios and purposes.

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Sales Pop Master – Countdown

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2. Choose Targeted Audiences

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Shopify Popup. The last thing you need is a popup that applies for all seasons, for every customer. If you don’t segment and target your audiences, the popup won’t show its efficiency in growing subscribers or boosting sales. Worst, there is a high chance the popup will annoy your customer when it shoves right to their face every time they visit your Shopify Store.


– Create several campaigns targeted specific individuals

– Create different Shopify Popup for each campaign and season

– Segment your Shopify Store visitors

3. Provide Valuable Offers

Relevant offer is the key to get visitors to engage with your Shopify Popup.

Usually, we see this type of popup in Email popup. You ask customers to subscribe, and in return, you offer them valuable gifts.

To make the most of this method, you need to give them exactly what they want. The hack is to determine what targeted audiences care about. 

Create Urgency with Coupon Code Wheel

Here are some recommendations:

– Coupon

– Discount

– Gift card

– Giveaway

– Contest

4. Time The Popup Perfectly

Timing is everything. Especially to Popup. Proper time setting is the determining factor for two reasons:

1- Timing decides whether or not customers read your Shopify Popup content in the first place. 

2- Scheduling popup too soon, customers would see it as spam. Too late, they properly have exited the site already.


– Measure the average time customers spend on your Shopify Store before bound out.

– Don’t stick the popup right to their face right away.

– Let the visitors surf on the website for a bit. When they start to get interested, inviting them with irresistible offers.

5. Professional Design

It’s easy to track a bad popup. The question is what makes a good Shopify Popup?

Many Shopify Popup Apps on the app store that provide many useful features. However, to be a master with the design and settings is no easy task. Though there are three things you want to highlight in your Shopify Popup.

Sales Pop Master – Discount on Shopify Store


The clarity in both message and design. Make sure the Call To Action in the popup is strong and clear. The design and content emphasize the deal or offer. 


Even though you have spent the effort to schedule the time, popup still interrupts visitors one way or another. Keep the content brief and clean. It decides whether to hit the subscribe button or find the exit button at the corner.


Branding is a key factor in Marketing. 

It defines your Shopify Store to all others. The popup is the fastest way for visitors to feel your brand. The experience is based on content and visual appeal. Make sure you leave a mark on your customers’ awareness.

Learn about the importance of Marketing and Branding in 13 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Great (Part 2) 

Tips to create a converting Shopify Popup

– Don’t add unnecessary elements that trash your popup

– Include a clear Call To Action

– Choose a theme and design that match your Shopify Store overall look

– Ensure that the popup’s text is mobile friendly

– Create desktop and mobile version for your Shopify Popup

– Add relevant images to your popup

Closing advice

Hopefully, these hacks will help you produce an irresistible Shopify Popup that converts and boost sales. Use A/B split testing regularly to analyze the popup effectiveness and decide when you need to adjust it.

If you’re considering another alternative for your existing app, check for the reference resource Shopify App Store  

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