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5 Social Media Steps To Boost Sales

history July 10, 2018

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Besides having an optimized online store on Shopify, you should make full use of social media to boost sales. Social mediums are vital to your business because they all can both grow your brand awareness and your profits.

Here are 5 steps to build a presence via social media platforms:


The first important thing to do is start fast by creating an account and commit to posting content. Billions of people are using social media worldwide, so it is not difficult to have an account.

Post often and keep posting

In the beginning, you don’t have followers, the only way to get attention is through frequency. From there, consumers will feel familiar with your brand and start exploring your products and services.

Try to keep in touch with your customers by posting regularly

Be the celebrity expert in your space.

You should be knowledgeable about the products and services you offer. Post the information related to them by offering tips and insights such as how not to, how to, how to find the best, what to avoid, how to fix it, repair it, what makes it the best and what you must know.

Give the helpful information can impress and attract your clients.

Make planet Earth your target.

Social media allows you to attract followers from all over the world. Those with social accounts can access to find out about your products.

Create varying content.

You should use every form of content such as quotes, photos, videos, articles and blogs and curate the content of others. Content sharing is the easiest way and it gets you more followers faster.

80/20 rule

The information should account for 85 percent, not promotional. However, in the beginning, even95 percent of the content is information. You need to get the viewers that want your content and then you can increase promotions as you grow followers.

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