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5 Seasonal Marketing Campaigns To Boost Your Revenue!

history July 2, 2018

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Consumer behaviors may evolve over time, but at certain times of the year, our buying behaviors increase to mark special holidays and events. That is called seasonal marketing. You can take advantage of these events to boost the interest of your online store in Shopify.

No matter what you sell, you should consult the following ideas for the seasonal marketing.

1. New Year’s Day

Shopping demand of consumers including home appliances to fashion items increased before Tet. You should offer the discounts and many other special programs to attract costumers to your brand.

2. Valentine’s, Mother & Father’s Day

‘Sharing the love’ with the product recommendations is one of the ways to bring the products closer to the customers. In these days, people want to show the affection for the ones they love with the appropriate items such as the bouquet of flowers, chocolate, accessories and so on.

Therefore, this is the chance for you to make more money by selling these items.

3. Awareness Days – Donate To A Good Cause

There are some international and national awareness events you could link to your brand.

For example, Betton clothing creates the UnitedByHalf ad campaign to mark this year’s International Women’s Day, highlighting women’s equal pay issues in India. The purpose of this brand is to spread awareness of the issues as well as develop and promote initiatives that support factory workers in India.

4. Black Friday And Cyber Monday

The weekend after Thanksgiving is a peak sales time for e-commerce brands and retailers to offer many attractive deals such as discounts, gifts, buy one get one free and so on.

5. Festive Season

People tend to give the gifts in the holiday. Thus, to gain success, you should grab the chance to sell the suitable products.

facebook chat bot can be a great addition to a website because it helps you guide and support customers in their choices every time. You can find this app on Autoketing.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retailer, e-commerce, or service-based brand, seasonal marketing campaigns are a trend that every brand should jump on. Take advantage of the time of year to give the best campaigns to boost your revenue.

You can send email or messages to the consumers and post the information of the campaign to the social network to remind clients.

Follow https://autoketing.com/ for more useful tips and apps.

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