5 Marketing Tips to Drive More Sales for Ecommerce Website

Every shop owner on Shopify tries to apply marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversion but choosing a strategy is challenging. Besides the marketing tactics, we also need to consider the right e-commerce tools for the websites in order to make the idea of generating more purchases work. Here are some ideas that actually driving your sales so let’s considering implementing them for your next sale campaign. 

5 Marketing tips to drive more sales for e-commerce website

Upsell your products

An example of upselling that you probably heard about is “Would you like to supersize your order?”. Upselling is an effective strategy when comes to gathering new customers. In fact, some customers don’t recognize the availability of premium products or don’t understand the benefits of increasing the size of their carts.

You’ll need to consider 2 things when using upselling tactic:

  • The upsell product should be related to the original one. 
  • Consider the appropriate price range to your customers’ expense.  

Upsell only works if the products match customer’s original demands. Also, an anchor price – is the price that customers have in mind when they start shopping – should be defined from the very beginning because shoppers may not interested in any item that costs them more than they expected. 

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Utilize Instagram

This marketing tip is implemented by many businesses since Instagram is one of the social apps that have fast growth, with over 500 million users. It’s an ideal place to help brands connect to their consumers and influencers. Using photos and hashtags wisely, and post strategically then you can attract a lot of followers for your account. But remember to engage with your followers to keep them stay with you. 

5 marketing tips to drive more sales for ecommerce website

Reduce abandoned carts

We all know that when visitors abandoned their carts, we lost money. According to the Baymard Institute, 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, and the visitors tend to abandon their carts in the checkout steps. 

In fact, some shoppers who abandoned their carts could complete their purchases if they are reminded, for example, by a discount or free shipping. An idea to do this is running an email campaign, which attempts to persuade them to return to the website and finish their purchases. 

In the end, all you need to do is prepare an email content that can drive customers to finish their shopping. Beside remind them what they intended to buy, give them a convincing reason to do that. 

Capture more email subscribers

Email marketing is one of the most important methods for generating sales and attracting customers. According to a study by Forrester Research (2015), 17% of the digital marketing campaign is spent on emails, but the contribution in revenue of this channel accounts for 24%.

5 marketing tips to drive more sales for ecommerce website

The explanation for the success of the email campaign is that social networks’ users have too many things to keep up with on these platforms. People are more protective when comes to unknown messages in social networks. Whereas, email gives you a better chance to reach your potential customer. 

To collect website visitors’ email address, let’s promote newsletters or discount that requires filling in email, for example. 

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Engage online store visitors with live chat

Live chat is a high-impact way to engage with site visitors along with emails. Many live chat tools can be found on the Shopify app store, like Facebook Chat Box by Autoketing. They enable you to have direct conversations with your customers on your websites. And they are automatically, which can save you customer service costs. 

Start a content marketing program

Blogging should happen regularly to connect with customers. It also helps your store to have a better rank in search engines. If you are working with content, it should be featured in your online store. And here are some tips to make content marketing become more simple:

  • Start a podcast to make your website look more professional and have a stronger community
  • Post on other related websites and blogs to generate backlinks and build awareness
  • Create long content and produce a guide series which help customers use products

These are the most recommended ideas to help an e-Commerce business to generate sales and grow. The result may come after a few weeks later than your expectations, but it’s worth trying. Also, Autoketing Blog provides more tips to support your sales campaign.

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