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5 Keys For A Successful Black Friday Sales

history October 12, 2020

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Our all-time favorite holiday sales – Black Friday is coming. 2020 might not be a successful year for many physical stores. On the contrary, it isn’t the case with eCommerce. The online business thrives due to the COVID-19 Pandemic quarantine measurement. So brace yourselves for a freaking frenzy online Black Friday Sales.

From the non-stop expansion of the Pandemic, this year, there will be no flood of visitors camping all night outside Shopping Malls. Because of so, “The new normal” is here to stay. To survive and thrive in the COVID-19 Pandemic, your mission is to capture changes in customers’ shopping habits. Once you do, it would be much easier to win the Black Friday Sales 2020.

Black Friday Engaging Design

Up until now, online shopping trends can easily see by eCommerce shop owners. The lockdown causes retailer stores to close temporarily. Moreover, for safety reasons, buyers would prefer to avoid crowded places. Black Friday Sales shouldn’t be an exception.

However, the more isn’t merrier in this case. Not only do eCommerce businesses get to benefit from the situation, but also physical stores swap their business from offline to online. It means that the market will be much more competitive.

So, what do you need to do in the stand out in the crowd?

Here are 5 keys for a successful Black Friday Sales

1. Prepare for a chaotic eCommerce Black Friday Sales

This year, online stores will get much busier. The biggest sales of the year will be dominated by eCommerce. 

Imagine how Black Friday Sales doorbusters can create such chaotic scenes at shopping centers last year. Then the case is similar to your online store.

Black Friday Sales

To avoid technical issues during the sales, let follow this checklist.

1- Test your website to make sure it can handle the traffic

2- Optimize your home page and make it mobile-friendly

3- Promote and sell your products at multiple channels

4- Do researches on your competitors

5- Double check on your shipping company

These are the basic, yet crucial during Black Friday Sales. 

2. Decide the sales

Black Friday isn’t the last sales of the year. However, it’s the occasion you can clearage your inventory to make room for the newest collection next year. Moreover, you can earn higher revenue from the stock that lows in sales.

First, make a plan for inventory. Check on the inventory and decide the discount for it. Black Friday is a great chance to sell the still good but out of style products. Many might run after the latest update. Though a lot of customers don’t care about modern and only look at its quality. So clean those items off your stock to make room for the new one.

Black Friday Sales
Black Friday Sales Posters

Second, promote COVID-19 best selling products. People actively search for items that have good sales. So by advertising trending products, your online store will have a higher chance of getting attention. It doesn’t mean that you have to look for a supplier and stock your store with new products. It wouldn’t be a smart decision. Instead, checking on Google Trend to see what is popular products customers are looking for. Or, you can take the shortcut, by check our article Top Shopify Best Selling Products During COVID-19

Third, organize Black Friday Sales. Here are 3 steps: 

1- List all the products

2- Decide the deal and discount

3- Review to see if the offers are profitable

However, Black Friday to online stores isn’t just about discounts. Ecommerce has more than one type of offer to attract customers. That leads us to the Third Key.

3. Suprise your customers with special deals

We all want the wow effect when customers visit your online store. But how?

Here are some tips:

First, display a new and appealing Popup. Create a strong Call to Action (CTA) that drives customers to click. If you’re struggling with what Popup application best suits for your Shopify store, read 6 Best Shopify Popup App In 2020: Pros and Cons

Second, create irresistible product bundles. Choose the matching items to add as bundle could trouble you. Especially during this busy hour. Let me recommend you a solution: Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool by Autoketing. 

The name has said it all. Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool is the best decision you can ever make in holiday sales. 

Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool by Autoketing

Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool creates product bundles, upsell bundles, cross-sell, and discount upsells. There is no other tool that can be more suitable for this dynamic Black Friday.

Third, manage to create a new theme or poster for the Black Friday. The engaging theme encourages customers to wander around your online store. 

4. Delight your loyal customers

There is no better chance to let your loyal customers feel special. Research shows that the conversion rate is double to customers who have already purchased than new visitors. So, let boost sales by focusing on your dear customers.

Hopefully, you have nurtured a strong connection with customers at this point. If that’s not the case, you need to double your effort on reaching customers. Let them know about your store Black Friday Sales, and what you have to offer for them. 

Recommend methods:

1- Create automated promotion email series

2- Update on social media

Email Marketing has always been the most effective way when it comes to online shopping. If you aren’t the expert in email marketing, read Exclusive Email Marketing For Shopify

Remember to layout super encouraging deals for your loyal customers. Make it notable so that both them and casual customers can see the benefits and differences of being your followers.

Thanking your customers for accompanying you on such a long journey. The ideas to show gratitude are various.

1- Special discounts

2- Gift 

3- Giftcard or coupon

4- Hand-written thank you notes come with the package

5. Reflect after the Black Friday 2020

This step is as important as the previous four. It decides whether you’ll have other successful sales in the future. 

Familiarize yourself with Google Analytics. It’s a powerful tool to capture customers’ shopping behavior and how successful you’re in the recent campaign. If you’re a Shopify merchant, let Shopify Report help you out.

By setting up the tool, you’ll have the data to approach customers’ insight. 

Black Friday Sales Reflect
Reflect after the Black Friday Sales

Take note of what methods work and which one isn’t. As you apply a new tactic for this year Black Friday, some strategies might need to adjust for a better sales season. 

Save the documents, numbers, plans, and outcomes. These records will give you a better analysis to build the upcoming sales. 

Closing advice

In 2020, a successful Black Friday for eCommerce is all about preparation, planning, apply the right strategies, and starting early. Commerce is changing by second. With 5 Keys to thrive this Black Friday, Autoketing wishes you success in the holiday season. 

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