5 Indispensable Shopify Apps To Enhance Customer Retention In BFCM

Black Friday Cyber Monday has appeared for decades. It is the biggest shopping weekend of the year and it creates a great opportunity for businesses at all sizes and location to boost more sales. There is a question that if there is an app to support businesses on these days? In my opinion, here is the list of best Shopify apps which enterprises should consider using.

  1. Facebook Chat Box ‑ Autoketing

4.9 of 5 stars(133 reviews)

Through the Facebook messaging platform, merchants can connect to consumers over the world. Facebook Chat Box adds the chat icon on your website and users can easily to contact you whenever they need a help. Facebook Chat Box works well on both desktop and mobile devices. The most outstanding feature is that it is totally FREE. That means enterprises can utilize and adjust all features including greeting message, chat icon, response time, and even Chatbot function for FREE.



  • Set up the greeting message and popup
  • The chat icon with your Facebook page image
  • Display on mobile and desktop or individual option
  • Work on all browsers, even Safari (very few chat applications run on this browser)
  • Chatbot (very few chat applications on Shopify feature this function)
  • The chat icon can be placed on all positions on your website and it can be custom
  • Adjust popups on your website


With the increased number of customers on this Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping week, the brand should support them on time to give them the best shopping experience.

  1. Loyalty & Marketing Automation

4.9 of 5 stars(203 reviews)

Customers tend to come back and purchase more if your brand offers an attractive loyalty program and VIP programs. Moreover, with Loyalty & Marketing Automation, businesses can incentivize customer loyalty behavior by the special programs, email marketing strategies, and new customers attraction with the referral program. Many shops can maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating and increase 20% more sales using automated email flows.

Loyalty & Marketing Automation has 2 options: Free and $9/month



  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Win back customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Have confidence your marketing is under control
  1. FREE pop up

FREE pop up helps businesses collect emails of visitors with the mobile-friendly Spin and Jackpot popup design. It can boost your sales for FREE and NO HIDDEN COSTS. Therefore, brands can increase conversion and promote sales. It also allows merchants to advertise new arrivals and distribute promo codes, and more.



  • Businesses can adjust your pop-ups to fit their store
  • Change Popup language, Popup colors, and Popup copy
  • Set scheduling for pop-ups automatically
  • Push all email subscriptions automatically to Klaviyo, MailChimp, or Omnisend
  1. Currency Converter Box

5.0 of 5 stars(59 reviews)

In BFCM, there are more and more consumers approaching your brand including foreign buyers that will make purchases from your store. Therefore, it’s easier for you to boost sales if you offer convenient customer service. Currency Converter Box is the suggestion with 164 currencies around the world. The app is able to automatically find your visitor’s location and show the corresponding currency. The exchange rate is updated continuously and especially, it is totally a FREE app for merchants while other currency apps cost money.



  • Choose from 8 default positions or set the icon anywhere you want with request position
  • Notify checkout currency
  • Select the price configuration
  • Choose themes matched your site appearance
  • Automatically find out customer location
  • Update real-time exchange rate
  • There is NO HIDDEN COST
  1. SMSBump SMS Marketing + More

4.9 of 5 stars(229 reviews)

There are more businesses offering the special programs on BFCM, so, consumers have many choices. In order to stand out in the marketplace, your business needs to offer attractive programs and track every step of customers. SMSBump SMS Marketing + More is the text marketing app which allows you to set up text automation toggling on certain events in your store. With this app, brands can schedule campaigns and make last minute changes and even collect client phone numbers for other marketing purposes.

SMSBump SMS Marketing + More is free to install and text message fee depends on the country you will be sending SMS messages to.



  • Text marketing and automation
  • SMS campaign scheduling
  • Emojis to spice up your campaigns
  • Automatically generated lists based on customer’s interaction
  • Max cost per text message: do not send SMS messages if they cost more than $Preset value
  • Quiet hours: guarantee your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night by a text message by inputting quiet hours based on your store timezone.

I hope you can choose suitable apps for your businesses.

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