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  • 5 Golden Rules To Grow Your Customer Base

5 Golden Rules To Grow Your Customer Base

history July 24, 2018

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Not only are businesses able to meet the demands of the existing customer base but also grow it sustainably to meet your business needs in today’s fast-paced, globalized business landscape. Attracting more customers means you are successful in business, so if you are going to open an online store on Shopify, you need to give the right strategy to develop your customer base.

Here are 5 tips for you:

  • Pick up the phone

It’s easy to fall into the habit of communicating via email, messenger or text in today’s highly digitally enabled marketplace. You can use the phone or email to communicate and keep in touch with customers and partners.

  • Respect irrespective of hierarchy

You should show everybody equal respect, and nurture your relationships equally whether you speaking to a business executive, account holder or support staff. Then, you can maintain a good reputation as a respectful, personable and engaging professional.

  • Network like you don’t mean it

The best customer relationships are often created as you’re not networking in the traditional sense of the word. If you love people, and love sharing stories and driving the conversation, it is a powerful networking tool. You can leverage it every day in your business communications.

  • Leave the labels behind

It is often relatively easy to leverage off the existing brand reputation to impress new and existing clients if you work for a well-known brand or globally recognized company. However, you will need to work harder to grow your existing contacts to build your customer base and find fresh opportunities if you work for a start-up or a new company.

  • Be strategic and prioritize

You should prioritize your time and be very strategic in your approach. Thus, you can make all customers feel their queries are being heard. Never put so much time into your larger accounts that you ignore smaller clients, otherwise, you will make a big mistake. Then, you will put your reputation and your company’s reputation at risk.

It’s imperative to ensure your response turnaround is timely if you want to maintain good, healthy customer relationships.

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