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  • 4 Special SEO Hacks for Shopify Stores on Holidays

4 Special SEO Hacks for Shopify Stores on Holidays

history December 25, 2020

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The holidays are the biggest time of the year for retail, even more so now that there’s an uptick in online shopping due to the pandemic. Instead of going to malls and shopping centers in droves, consumers are doing their shopping virtually now more than ever. In fact, Vogue Business reveals that there has been a massive 39% increase in online spending at the recent Black Friday sales—and we can expect the same pattern as Christmas shopping starts to kick in.

It is then essential for online businesses to keep up with the demand and make the most of the holiday sales, and you can do this by maximizing SEO practices for your Shopify store. According to SEO specialists Ayima Kickstart, it is one of the most critical components of any online business. Not only does it ensure your website attracts your target audience, but it also establishes your shop’s presence in search engines. This way, you avoid drowning in a sea of other websites and content targeted at the same consumers.

SEO practices for your Shopify store

To help you generate more sales this holiday season, here are some SEO tips to get you started:

Perform keyword research and create specific pages for holiday shoppers

Having the right keywords is central to SEO success. It would be best if you optimized your high-value category pages with the proper keywords for the holiday. You can easily do this by updating your category title tags and editing meta descriptions and page content, so all of them include the relevant keywords and products. If you want to take things up a notch, you can export your keywords from Google Ads, and then optimize search terms that generate the most revenue and have the highest conversion rate. That way, consumers will be directed to those products and your sales will likely soar further.

Beef up your holiday content

Most websites are busy with applying visual changes to their sites for the holidays, but while that is certainly recommended, the content of the site is just as important. During the holidays, consumers are searching for different kinds of information compared to the rest of the year. It would benefit your business if you had SEO-friendly content that offers answers to the kind of information they’re searching for. For instance, if you’re selling candles and essential oils, it would be better if you posted articles about the holiday scents that make perfect presents instead of posts that list down the benefits of oils.

Perform Keyword research and Content

Add more visuals

Of course, visuals also play a big part in increasing your holiday sales, so you should incorporate design tweaks to make consumers stay on your page longer. You don’t need to start from scratch — you can start by adding holiday elements like Christmas colors, typeface, and illustrations to offer a better visual appeal. You may also want to install festive calls-to-action on your homepage and high-volume pages as a way of getting visitors into the holiday mindset. But instead of writing the usual copy, make it a bit more friendly and witty since they’re apt for the season.

Prioritize the speed

Retailers tend to focus too much on the design of their website to attract more visitors, but many of them neglect the fact that adding too much graphics and media can significantly slow down the page. All the effort spent to make such a beautiful website can go down the drain if the page doesn’t load in time for the consumer. Business News Daily notes that when your site slows down, 57% of consumers won’t hesitate to abandon your page altogether. If you want more customers during the holidays, you have to prioritize the speed and performance of your site. Otherwise, if it doesn’t respond on time, they would think that it’s not worth it and go to another website to buy the product or service. It’s also worth noting that speed affects rankings, so the faster your site is, the better your chances of ranking high.

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