4 Points Your E-Commerce Business Has To Handle

E-commerce eliminates a lot of barriers for aspiring business owners. It’s easier than ever to set up an online shop and market your goods to consumers across the globe with the Shopify platform. However, getting into the e-commerce game easily doesn’t mean it’s easy to stay on top.

Here are a few common issues plaguing online retailers and the solutions for them.

Pay-per-click advertisers lose money on fraudulent traffic

The pay-per-click (PPC) online advertising model is popular but it’s not always cost-effective. PPC marketers billions waste dollars each year because the fraudulent clicks by people or bots don’t translate into real sales.

To investigate and flag fraudulent clicks to improve PPC results, the researchers advised looking into independent third-party services.

The online customers abandon their carts for numerous tech-related reasons.

The dreaded abandoned shopping cart is one of the biggest obstacles e-commerce businesses face. An average of 68 percent of online shoppers leaves e-commerce sites without completing their intended purchases.

The most common reason for abandonment is unexpected checkout costs (56 percent). In addition, the tech-related reasons are also on the top. They include the payment security concerns, website navigation or loading issues, and the overall length or difficulty of the checkout process.

To address these problems, businesses should remove barriers like checkout registration and complicated cart editing, in addition, giving customers the ability to save their carts for later is also a good choice.

Shoppers avoid merchants that have had security breaches

Data breaches have a negative effect on customer perception of hacked merchants. 40 % of buyers avoid retailers affected by security breaches.

By investing in better technologies, such as EMV chip card readers the retailers could avoid breaches.

U.S. retailers are missing out on global expansion opportunities.

U.S.-based small businesses can do more to reach the global online buyers. The e-commerce merchants should adjust the shopping experience to local customers outside their home country by giving foreign currency options on their sites and product descriptions and prices in many languages.

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