Six Ways To Thank Your Customers (Part 4)

The ways you give the thank-you for your customer are important and they help distinguish your brand in the crowded market. If you want to get success with your online business on Shopify, you should take time to show your interest to customers. Many useful methods are shown in part 1, part 2, part 3 Read More

Six Ways To Thank Your Customers (Part 3)

On this era of technology, every business, whether it is a brick-and-mortar shop or online shop on Shopify, has to face high competitiveness. Thus, to distinguish yourself from the crowded market, you need to make your brand outstanding and different. It is said that improving the customer services is one of the effective ways to Read More

Six Ways To Thank Your Customers (Part 2)

One of the easiest ways to build a closer relationship with your customers is to show your sincere appreciation. Remarkably few brands ever take the time to genuinely thank customers for their business although it’s simple. It’s necessary for e-commerce businesses to find their moments of opportunity when it comes to standing out against entrenched Read More

Common Sources Of Frustration For Customers: Shipping And Inventory Issues

The frustration of customers can bring disadvantages for business but it also helps businesses find out the weakness to improve it. When you are running your online store on Shopify, you need to take care of them to develop your brand. Complaints take many forms but there many key things leaving customers dissatisfied if they Read More

How To Thank Your Customers

It doesn’t need to be complicated when sending the perfect thank you to customers. However, the thank-you is also important to your brand on Shopify because it is a way to show customers you care. You should give the thanks to your customers without an overt expectation of anything in return. For instance, you should Read More

Six Ways To Thank Your Customers (Part 1)

It’s significant to send the thanks to your customers who make the huge contribution to the success of your brand on Shopify platform. We suggest many ways for businesses to give the thank-you to their clients. Read more: email with love by autoketing Six Ways To Thank Your Customers Handwritten thank you notes It is a Read More

Sources Of Frustration For Customers: Inaccurate Product Photos And Descriptions

There are a few key forms that can leave customers dissatisfied if they aren’t handled properly. When you have an online store on Shopify, you should restrict the complaints of customers and give them the best experiences and services. The inaccurate product photos and descriptions can give you many troubles, so you should give the Read More

Sources Of Frustration For Customers: Website Responsiveness And Usability

The website responsiveness and usability can have the effect on customer experience and if it’s not good, it can come to the frustration for customers. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your website on the Shopify platform. Imagine that your website is like a real-life storefront. It’s necessary to answer the questions that are your store Read More

How To Manage Affiliates

The affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular and it is also a trend for business due to its effectiveness. If you are running an online store on Shopify, it’s a good idea for you to apply this method of marketing to get the best result and boost your sales. You’ll want to keep Read More

Massive Marketing Trends: The Maturing Of The “Micro-Influencer”

In the era of social media, influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. It seems to be an effective way to bring your brand closer to a huge number of audiences. If you are running an online store on Shopify or other platforms, you can take advantage of the influencers to drive more sales. Read More

Massive Marketing Trends: Ephemeral Content Isn’t “Disappearing” Anytime Soon

Sharing the story is also the hot trend on marketing. This is a way to tell your audiences about your brand story or products. If you are selling your products on Shopify, you should consider promoting your brands and products on social media and using the ephemeral content. The first channel gives people the “Stories” Read More

Massive Marketing Trends For Business : Live Video

The world of marketing is becoming more and more developing such as a game-changing feature that makes a familiar social network feel fresh again, update to Google’s search ranking algorithm or a new way to connect with customers. Thus, entrepreneurs and marketers to keep up to improve their online store on Shopify and drive sales. Read More

Why Do Customers Complain?

No one wants to hear the bad news, especially the complaint of the customer. These complaints can cause the bad effect on your online store on Shopify, so you should give the best shot to limit the customers’ complaints. However, the complaints can be a useful tool because it allows enterprises to discover where their Read More

Create an affiliate program with Shopify apps

It’s easy to figure out how to create an affiliate program for your Shopify store thanks to Shopify’s partners and app developers. You can start by simply installing an affiliated app of your choosing. From there, each app will get you up and run with an affiliate program catered to your business by taking you Read More

How To Find The Right Affiliates

Affiliate program brings many benefits to your online store on Shopify. You’ll need to recruit the right kind of affiliates to join after you’ve figured out how to create an affiliate program. Some affiliate programs only accept especially noteworthy applicants such as the one used by Twitch, a video game-centric streaming platform. Besides, there are Read More

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