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  • 2 Marketing Tactics To Get The Repeat Customers Of The Successful Businessman!

2 Marketing Tactics To Get The Repeat Customers Of The Successful Businessman!

history June 26, 2018

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A steady stream of repeat customers helps the business grow faster and boost the revenue. You have limited time and resources and you don’t want to waste them, why don’t you take care of the potential customers? Customers who regularly shop at your store at Shopify are loyal customers.

You should build a good relationship with the familiar customers because retaining old buyers is often much more valuable than taking care of a new customer without potential.

A user who buys your products multiple times contribute much more to your bottom line than a one-time buyer does. It means that maintaining a number of familiar customers brings you much more interest.

A research shows that you only have a 13 percent chance of persuading them to make a purchase but the repeat customers have a sixty to seventy percent chance of buying. Clients will follow up your store with an additional purchase and even share their experience with friends when they feel appreciated by your brand.


  • The outstanding services always attack clients in this competitive market. Show your customers that you are always willing to advise and help them. Take care of them even after purchasing such as the warranty service or installation service.
  • Customers will be impressed with the business which can support 24/7. You can try out the facebook inbox messages which help you receive the messages of shoppers and support them wherever you are with your smartphone. Besides, you can try out other apps on Autoketing.
  • Enterprise should give the special offers for loyal customers such as discounts or gifts for each order. Besides, the simple but effective way to repeat the clients is expressing gratitude by saying a sincere “thank you” for going a long way with the enterprise.


  • If you have the good knowledge about the products, you can convince customers easily. Providing the most detailed and accurate product information on your store on Shopify platform will make your customers feel reliant.
  • Provide fast shipping. You can combine with the prompt delivery service and make sure that customers don’t have to wait long. Besides, the seller should give the promise of the time that the customer received the goods.
  • Use special packaging with an eye-catching design to attract users.

We hope that this information can really help pave the way for new online retailers and merchants. Explore many useful applications on https://autoketing.com/ or design your own shop in Shopify.

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