17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 4)

Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing campaigns for most businesses including the online shop on Shopify. If you build a suitable plan to perform it, you will gain new customers.

I showed you many steps to get success in social media marketing in Part 1&2 and Part 3, and there are many last steps:

Have a Unified Look

Businesses should manage all the separate strategies for each social network carefully to ensure that your brand identity remains consistent.

It is necessary to have the same handle/username on each network. Besides, a consistent brand identity with the same profile photo and largely similar bio’s is important. While all the images you post are not essential to include branding, your videos should.

Know When to Spend Money

You don’t need to pay anything apart from some time and effort when creating a presence on social media. However, if you are willing to spend a bit of money and know when to spend it, you can bring benefit not only you but also your business more.

Know When to Spend Money

You don’t need to hire a full-time designer to get great looking content thanks to the development of the freelance economy. Besides, finding freelance photographers, designers, and videographers is easy, and much more affordable than a full-time employee.

If you want to improve your customer experience, try out the currency converter online to let them see the price in many currencies.

You don’t need to design every single post on your social networks professionally. However, this professionalism can ensure that your brand identity does not suffer.

In addition, another advantage of willingness to spend money in your social presence is exposure and reach, in the form of advertising on the various networks.

Businesses can use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to advertise to a global audience. They give you a great chance to both be seen by more of your existing audience and reach people who aren’t following you yet. Depending on how much you are willing to spend, each campaign is highly customizable.

Be Consistent

Consistency means that you both have a unified look and post regularly. It is better if you post every day, but it can be challenging for small businesses. Thus, you can consistently post on the same days each week, at roughly the same time.


Furthermore, you can also post specific types of content on certain days. For example, post the helper videos on Monday, and image links that drive traffic to your website on Wednesday’s posting.

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Automate to Simplify

Automating your posts is the final step to social success. Automating is only possible when you take the time to compile and populate a content calendar.

You can use the automating tools post to schedule everything in advance when knowing what content you are going to post.

Automation just only helps you save your time by not having to remember to post but it does not take away the responsibility you have to actively monitor each of your social channels. You still need to keep track of your social media networks to respond to customer queries and comments.

Try to follow these steps to get the best result on social media marketing.

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