17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 2)

Social media is the effective supporter for business. If you are running an online shop on Shopify, you should consider using social media to market your brand.

In part 1, I introduce you many first steps and here are the next ones. Follow them to get success in social media:

Be on the Same Channels as Your Audience

Your brand doesn’t need to have an active presence on every single social network. You should focus on those that appeal to your current and target customers, and where they are most active.

If you target the right people, in the right places, you will get the best result. On the other hand, it is just wasted time.

It’s necessary to discover the networks on which your audience is most active. It can be a little tricky for smaller businesses, but it brings an unexpected result. Besides, you should research what your competitors are doing on social media.

17 Steps-To-Get-Success-In-Social-Media-Marketing-Part-2

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Separate Strategies for Separate Channels

You can see that audiences on different social networks respond to different types of content. Thus, you should analyze the performance of each post on the networks, then, establish what content generates the best results.

From then, you can refine your strategy, leading to better results on your objectives.

Use the Same Language as Your Audience

The social media strategy is an opportunity to present a more human aspect of your brand to audiences. In social media, you should avoid the industry buzzwords and formal language, it’s better to use a relaxed, almost conversational tone.

Your audiences will assume they’re communicating with a bot and not a real person if your language is too formal or stilted.

Besides, sometimes, you can incorporate trending topics and hashtags in your social content, but you need to make sure that you fully understand the context, and the trends or hashtags relate to your brand in some way.

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Know Your Competition

Knowing your competition can help you give the suitable plan to do better than your rivals and become outstanding in the marketplace. You should identify 3-5 of your primary opponents to analyze their activity on social media:

  • the networks they are using
  • the type of content they are posting
  • how many followers they have
  • how frequently they post content, and at what times
  • what their engagement rates are including the number of likes, shares, and comments each post attracts

After that, you can shape your own content strategy to not only incorporate some of their more successful techniques but also target some of their customers.

Share Quality Content

Customers always concern about the value of the content you give to them and how it helps them. They are more likely to engage with your content and pay attention to your future posts if the value is significant. The quality of content not only builds trust but also grow your audience.

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