17 Steps To Get Success In Social Media Marketing (Part 1)

Marketing is an effective way to bring brands closer to customers. Every business needs to take time and effort to get success in this strategy. Social media marketing is now popular and brings many benefits. If you want to promote your brand on Shopify, it’s a good idea to take advantage of social media marketing.

It’s easy to say that it’s so hard when looking at big brands on social media but they’ve tried a lot to get the best result.

However, if you are a small brand, you also can do well in this field if you give the right plan and we will show you 17 steps to get success in social media marketing.

Define Your Goals

Your presence on social media needs to be linked to specific goals like all other aspects of your business. Defining the goals can form the basis for you to establish your strategy, objectives and the tactics you intend using.

You have to describe what you want to get each social media network. For examples:

Brand related – reaching new demographics or raising awareness of your brand.


Customer service related – your goals relate to engagement, response rates, and even support tickets if you use social media as a customer service platform.

Lead generation – the goal is increasing web traffic, and the ROI on specific campaigns to drive conversion.

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Outline Your Content Strategy

It’s necessary to have a clearly outlined content strategy. The strategy should consist of the following:

The list of all the social media channels and member is in charge of each of them.

The goals of your social presence with the KPIs which you will be measuring.

Profiles of your target customers, and what you want from them. They are broken down per social media network. Your follower is likely to be different on each channel.

The important dates for the full year ahead including special occasions, holidays, and any promotions and product launches you already have planned.

Later, combine them for a detailed content calendar.


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Set Marketing Objectives

Because your marketing objectives are specific and measurable, they will be more precise.

After setting marketing objectives. You can track and measure them with the tools and analytics. It is vital that each of your objectives is linked to specific objectives, and that timeframes are also attached to each goal. Therefore, you can give the right strategies to reach your goal.

Know Your Audience

Customers are an important component of the business. That helps you ensure you are targeting the right people with the right message, in the right places, at the right times. It is easier for you to reach both existing, and new customers with the more detailed and accurate personas. Because your audience on each network is likely to be very different, this is especially true when it comes to social media.

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