10 E-commerce Trends In 2019 Merchants Should Know

Nowadays, e-commerce revolutionizes retail. It makes online shopping easier for the modern-day customers. E-commerce platforms including Shopify are also modern and convenient to support both merchants and consumers in e-commerce activities.

The e-commerce industry is developing with more and more benefits. So, these e-commerce trends will help you improve your business if you’re still on the fence about the future of e-commerce. Besides, if you are growing business, you can also take advantage of them to ensure the steady growth of your online store.

Ensure to take advantage of the e-commerce trends to get success in the e-commerce industry.

Why Are E-commerce Trends so Important?

The e-commerce industry is increasingly competitive. Merchants need to monitor and follow the latest trends in this field to stay ahead of the competition. You will be in risk of falling drastically behind if you don’t keep up with ecommerce trends no matter how strong your busines is now. Look ahead and take advantage of them to ensure future success.

If you keep up with the trends in time and apply them to your store, you will stay ahead of your competition and drive your ecommerce brand forward.

Top E-commerce Trends 2019:

Online Sales Growth is Unstoppable

Online shopping have been growing constantly. With the increasing popularity of ecommerce stores, more and more customers are turning to online shopping. One of the main reasons is arguably the comfort provided to online shoppers. Besides, there is also an increase in trust as well as improved website experience that online buyers have when purchasing online. In the past, people might feel hesitant to make a purchase online, but that’s no longer the case because the websites are more customer-friendly now. Hence, online sales growth is becoming unstoppable with all the comfort.

In sum, it’s necessary to improve your website to offer customers the best shopping experience and your policies are also reasonable.

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Environmental Topics Influence Buyers

Green consumerism is on the rise. Half of the customers said that environmental concerns impact their decisions on buying something. Human beings are now more conscious of the environment than ever before. E-commerce businesses should strive for creating more sustainable practices, so online businesses need to be sure that their practices are environmentally friendly. You can consider using environmentally friendly paper bags or ingredients. The demand of people for taking care of our environment is increasing, so business should focus on their products and make it eco-friendly.

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Mobile Shopping is Growing

Sales made via mobile devices is increasing by 15% since 2016. Therefore, improving the e-commerce experience for the mobile consumer is a huge opportunity for an online company to impress clients and boost their revenue. The increase in usage of mobile devices is one of the main reasons in e-commerce growth. Customers usually use their mobile devices to browse or research and then make a purchase. Customers will feel more comfortable shopping online on mobile if the trust in online shopping is increasing.

Therefore, more websites are now optimized for mobile use. Make sure that your online store is optimized for mobile devices to give the best shopping experience for customers and making e-commerce simpler and more accessible for a larger audience.

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Evolving Role of Social Media in Ecommerce

Now, there are more and more people use the buy button on Facebook and Instagram, so the number of social shoppers is rapidly increasing. Social media is playing a significant role in e-commerce with the “Buy” button on Facebook, and the Instagram Checkout.

Social media has changed our daily lives including the way we buy things. Social media is a great platform for businesses to get discovered and consumers spending more time on social media, so this is a great opportunity to improve their position on social media. Besides, brands can take help from influencers on social channels to increase their chances of getting discovered by their target audience.

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