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10 Creative Ways To Boost Sales With Pop-ups On Shopify

history January 14, 2021

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As a merchant, you have thought of how to boost sales on Shopify multiple times. If you Google the keyword, boost sales with Pop-ups will guarantee to appear on the top search. Though it has been a controversy over Pop-ups, their benefits to the eCommerce business are undeniable.

What’re Popups?

A popup is a piece of information or promotional offer displayed on your website. Popups are designed to grab visitor’s attention quickly.

Popups often include a strong call to action to stimulate customer interest. It’s an effective tool for merchants to meet their goals. 

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Here are some advantages your site gains from Pop-ups:

  • Popups help build your email list
  • Popups boost sales 
  • Popups improve cart abandonment rate
  • Popups leverage for customer feedback
Popups in Sales Pop Master – Countdown designed by Autoketing

Despite those benefits from Popups, many Shopify merchants fall for the Popup’s trap. They create disturbing Popups that annoyed their customers. What defines a high-converted Popup? Learn more in 5 Ultimate Hacks To Create A Compelling Shopify Popup

Boost sales via Pop-ups

Boost sales are one of the most desirable features of Popups. Popups have the power to do so because for these reasons:

1. Build Trust

92% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. Product reviews from previous buyers gain more trust than a sales copy made by the merchant. By adding recent sales Popups on your site, you can draw customers’ attention to the product as well as build their trust.

Sales Pop Master – Countdown by Autoketing provide this particular feature as Social Proof. You can check more of its function on the Shopify App Store.

Sales Pop Master – Countdown by Autoketing

2. Stimulate Customers’ Decision

Popups help customers to make fast decisions. In other words, it stimulates customers to take the action that you want. For example, customers just wander around your page. However, seeing a live sales notification would be the right push to purchase without any further search.

3. Create Urgency

Popups create FOMO (Fear of missing out). It triggers customers to buy as they believe this is the last chance to purchase at such affordable prices. Although it isn’t a new tactic, FOMO proves to be effective.

4. Promote Targeted Campaigns

One of the Popup advantages is you can customize the content however you like. For example, if your target is to collect a quality email list for email marketing, you can create a notification popup show how many people have signed up. 

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You can use Popups as supporters for your sales campaign. Either a Coupon Code Wheel or Sales Pop up is a great way to start.

5. Boost Sales

Popups’ conversion rate is up to 15%. Because popups can direct customers’ actions and trigger them to buy. 

Enough with Pop-ups’ benefits.

Here are 10 Creative Ways To Boost Sales With Pop-ups On Shopify

  1. Launch A Welcome Popup
  2. Drive Sales With Targeted Popups
  3. Display Coupon Code Wheel
  4. Newsletter Subscribers Popup
  5. Invitation to Follow Social Media Popup
  6. Countdown Popup
  7. Create Unique Discount Code
  8. Start Sales Popup As Social Proof
  9. Create An Onsite Popup Reminder
  10. Display A Cart Saver Popup Before Leaving The Site
Coupon Code Wheel
Coupon Code Wheel

In conclusion

At the end of the day, Pop-ups are a powerful tool to boost sales and support your store marketing. As Shopify merchants, you may also want to know the 10 Best Shopify Apps For Merchants To Boost Sales In 2021

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