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Some great benefits of Write The Essay for me personally Cheap

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Howto Compose a Reading Response Essay with Test Papers

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The Best Social Media Marketing Plan For Businesses

A social media marketing plan is necessary to help your e-commerce store grow even you are a new store or a strong business. Even you are running an online store on the Shopify platform, you need to create a suitable and effective social media marketing plan to get success and boost revenue.

There is a fact that social media is one of the most effective marketing channels for e-commerce brands to skyrocket their stores’ growth.

I would like to provide you with some tips and tricks in this post to grow your business with social media marketing including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,…

Why Create a Social Media Marketing Plan?

Benjamin Franklin said that “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” It is also true when you’re marketing your e-commerce business. If you create a super effective social media marketing plan, you can maximize your chances for success.

A great social marketing plan helps you engage with your existing customers, grow your e-commerce store’s reach, and ultimately allow you to generate more sales. When your store is steady in revenue, scaling your marketing efforts further will help you to further skyrocket your growth.

Creating Social Media Marketing Goals

You should establish goals and targets to achieve before you get into building a social media marketing plan for your business. These goals allow you to gauge the success of your marketing efforts and help to shape your social media marketing strategy. Besides, if you gain this success, it means that social media marketing is a worthwhile tactic for growing your company.

If you want to create a discount or countdown campaign to attract customers and stimulate their shopping needs, try the Discount Master ‑ Quantity app. It has free plan to try.

You should not select vanity metrics including likes and retweets as your main metric for success once you establish goals for your social media marketing plan. The reason is that they don’t directly affect your business’ growth while these are nice to see. Besides, it’s crucial to measure metrics leading to sales, like the number of leads generated or conversion rate.

You can add a unique discount code to your social media posts to easily measure the number of leads generated through social media marketing. Therefore, you can understand how you acquired your customers. If this discount code is used usually, it means that the content of that post resonates well with your audience.

Incorporating the S.M.A.R.T. framework is a great tactic and it looks like:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Here is an example:

You use social media to promote the latest products in your store. You focus marketing on the Facebook channel and compelling content, including posts, images, and videos to grow your audience. After a time, you can gain a number of sales and that proves the success of the marketing plan.

Launching and Optimizing Your Social Media Accounts

Once you start marketing on social media channels, you have to create accounts on channels that you believe will help you reach your goals. It’s better to focus on one or two channels instead of trying to grow multiple accounts at once. Besides, be sure that these accounts are optimized well to help you reach your goals. When your social media marketing efforts scale, you can get success.

Upsell is also a great campaign to boost your sales by recommending the related products for customers. Try out Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool

When posting on Instagram, hashtags will help you grow your reach, so try to take advantages of them. Cross-promoting your social media accounts is also a good idea. You can mention to your audience that you’re on Instagram and Facebook in the Snapchat post. Therefore, customers can engage with your content in many ways and you will have a wider social media reach overall. Double win!

In addition, don’t forget to insert a link to your website in many social media posts so that clients can reach you and make a purchase of your items more easily.

Gaining Inspiration for Your Social Media Marketing Plan

If you don’t know what content will resonate most with your audience, you can check out other brands in your niche and even the hot trend in the market. See their contents, images and make your social media content better than theirs. That can help you stand out from the crowd.

When you’re looking for inspiration for your brand, analyze what industry leaders are posting on social media. Understand them and do better to go into a successful social media marketing strategy.

Content Calendar In Social Media Marketing Plan

Consistent posting is key to growing your following when using social media channels to grow business. This is the reason why including a content calendar in your social media marketing plan is a great idea.

You need to answer these questions as creating your content calendar:

  • What types of content to post on social media?
  • How frequently will you post on social media?
  • How will the posts help you achieve my goals?
  • How will your social media posts entertain and inform your audience?

Remember to answer them each time you decide to post something on a social media channel. In addition, make sure that you test out a variety of different content types and then find out the most effective one. This work helps you optimize your future social media efforts and of course, increase your revenue.

If you are selling abroad, you should display the price of products in many currencies with the help of Currency Converter Box ‑ BEST.

These tips may help you in creating a good marketing plan on social media channel:

1.        What channel:

Determine the channel you want to focus on and then analyze your audience’s behavior on the channel:

  • Where are the customers?
  • What kinds of business do they follow?
  • What kind of content are they interested in?

If you follow these steps well, you will have more chance to reach more customers.

2.        Set the specific goals. Give out both short-term (1-3 months) and long-term (6-12 months) goals. Then, write down the plan and follow this to gain all the goals one by one.

3.        Decide the kind of content for your brand. Don’t be afraid to look at the content of components and then grow the one for your own

4.        How often do you post on the social channel? It’s important to set a steady schedule for your content.

After all, you can measure the results of the content every (day/week/month).

Remember to Evaluate, Test, and Optimize Your Social Media Marketing

Your content should be plentiful in order to succeed in growing your business because the world of social media is ever-changing. You can drive customers’ attention by compelling, unique content. Besides, it’s also essential to track the performance of your social media marketing efforts and you need to focus on constantly testing, constantly learning, and constantly growing as an entrepreneur to give out the best plan for your brand.

Now you know everything to prepare for a great and effective marketing plan. We hope that these tips can help you create the best plan for your own.

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History of the Overall Electric Emblem Advancement of Design

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10 E-commerce Trends In 2019 Merchants Should Know (Part 1)

Nowadays, e-commerce revolutionizes retail. It makes online shopping easier for the modern day customers. E-commerce platforms including Shopify are also modern and convenient to support both merchants and consumers in e-commerce activities.

The e-commerce industry is developing with more and more benefits. So, these e-commerce trends will help you improve your business if you’re still on the fence about the future of e-commerce. Besides, if you are growing business, you can also take advantage of them to ensure the steady growth of your online store.

Ensure to take advantage of the e-commerce trends to get success in the e-commerce industry.

Why Are E-commerce Trends so Important?

The e-commerce industry is increasingly competitive. Merchants need to monitor and follow the latest trends in this field to stay ahead of the competition. You will be in risk of falling drastically behind if you don’t keep up with ecommerce trends no matter how strong your busines is now. Look ahead and take advantage of them to ensure future success.

If you keep up with the trends in time and apply them to your store, you will stay ahead of your competition and drive your ecommerce brand forward.

Top E-commerce Trends 2019:

Online Sales Growth is Unstoppable

Online shopping have been growing constantly. With the increasing popularity of ecommerce stores, more and more customers are turning to online shopping. One of the main reasons is arguably the comfort provided to online shoppers. Besides, there is also an increase in trust as well as improved website experience that online buyers have when purchasing online. In the past, people might feel hesitant to make a purchase online, but that’s no longer the case because the websites are more customer-friendly now. Hence, online sales growth is becoming unstoppable with all the comfort.

In sum, it’s necessary to improve your website to offer customers the best shopping experience and your policies are also reasonable.

If you want to create upsell or cross-sell campaign to stimulate customers’ shopping needs, try out Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool app for FREE.

Environmental Topics Influence Buyers

Green consumerism is on the rise. Half of the customers said that environmental concerns impact their decisions on buying something. Human beings are now more conscious of the environment than ever before. E-commerce businesses should strive for creating more sustainable practices, so online businesses need to be sure that their practices are environmentally friendly. You can consider using environmentally friendly paper bags or ingredients. The demand of people for taking care of our environment is increasing, so business should focus on their products and make it eco-friendly.

If you want to give your customers the best shopping experience, consider using the Currency Converter Box app. This app allows visitors to see the price of the products in their currency. Besides, it has the automatic currency conversion mode.

Mobile Shopping is Growing

Sales made via mobile devices is increasing by 15% since 2016. Therefore, improving the e-commerce experience for the mobile consumer is a huge opportunity for an online company to impress clients and boost their revenue. The increase in usage of mobile devices is one of the main reasons in e-commerce growth. Customers usually use their mobile devices to browse or research and then make a purchase. Customers will feel more comfortable shopping online on mobile if the trust in online shopping is increasing.

Therefore, more websites are now optimized for mobile use. Make sure that your online store is optimized for mobile devices to give the best shopping experience for customers and making e-commerce simpler and more accessible for a larger audience.

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Evolving Role of Social Media in Ecommerce

Now, there are more and more people use the buy button on Facebook and Instagram, so the number of social shoppers is rapidly increasing. Social media is playing a significant role in e-commerce with the “Buy” button on Facebook, and the Instagram Checkout.

Social media has changed our daily lives including the way we buy things. Social media is a great platform for businesses to get discovered and consumers spending more time on social media, so this is a great opportunity to improve their position on social media. Besides, brands can take help from influencers on social channels to increase their chances of getting discovered by their target audience.

Access to read more post of tips to increasing sales.

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Grow Brand By Giving With Customer Loyalty Programs

Nowadays, there are more and more businesses in the marketplace. Therefore, customer loyalty programs are integral and it makes the brand different from the others. If you are running an online store on Shopify platform or a brick-and-mortar shop, the customer loyalty program is necessary.

Customer loyalty program benefits both shoppers and business owners. It brings customers many attractive offers and allows businesses to get more out of their sales.

Customers think that purchasing the products which they’re already interested in, from brands that they like, will lead to them being rewarded for their commitment. Besides, brands understand that they can attract shoppers who will have inflated average customer lifetime values because they offer customer loyalty programs and it will reward the patronage of consumers.

Hence, we can say that everybody wins if the business has a customer loyalty scheme set up for their brand. According to the recent study, 71% of buyers think an important part of their relationship with a brand is the customer loyalty program.

Let’s take a look at this program and see how to get it perfect!

Grow Brand By Giving With Customer Loyalty Programs

What is Customer Loyalty?


Customer loyalty is the probability of a customer purchases from a store multiple times. Customers will make more than one purchase in the brands which combine an excellent shopping experience with high-quality products. If your business can combine them well, you can build a level of customer loyalty and trust that will lead to higher average customer lifetime values.

Why Do We Need Customer Loyalty Programs?

Customer loyalty programs let both sides receive more than just what they’re paying for. According to recent research, the purchaser is already signed up to an average of 14 loyalty programs, though they typically only engage with around 50% of them.

This means:

  • Every buyer is ready to join a new customer loyalty programs
  • The loyalty programs need to be simple and accessible to get the most out of them.

If you want to improve your customers’ service, use Facebook Chat Box to support them every time and everywhere even keep in touch when customers leave your site.

Best Loyalty Program Types

Here are many examples of loyalty program types of many famous brands. Merchants can see how they work and create a suitable program for your own.

Starbucks: Points for Purchases

One of the best coffee brands around the world, Starbucks, has built a successful loyalty program by rewarding them with points for their purchases. This delight almost customers. Clients receive certain benefits when they’re signed up to the customer loyalty scheme. Then, they can spend said points on other Starbucks goodies.


Starbucks Rewards is really super accessible. Consumers are free to sign up, and it’s easy to use the app to track the progress through the Starbucks Rewards system. After downloading the app to your phone, enter your personal information, and after each time you make a purchase from one of a Starbuck store, you can start racking up your Starbucks Rewards points. In addition, this brand also uses clever graphics and straightforward copy for customers to get the most out of their customer loyalty program.

Creating an upsell and cross-sell campaign is also a good idea to boost sales.

Miles & More: A Tiered Customer Loyalty Program

Lufthansa is a German airline. It aims at both aviation lovers and business people with their Miles & More brand and it offers them a fantastic customer loyalty program. People receive points (or miles in this case) when they buy everything related to travel like car rentals and travel accessories. However, you need to have staple travel purchases including flights and hotels. These types of purchasing generate a large number of points.


These points can be spent on similar products or hotel stays, flight upgrades, and a new case to take you on your trip.

This type of customer loyalty program is tiered because if you earn more points within a calendar year, your status is better, and you’ll receive the larger the rewards. Therefore, users get a chance to have complimentary upgrades on flights, lounge access, and more.

You can think about creating a tiered customer loyalty program for your brand and remember it needs to be worth it for them to stick around.

LUSH: The Eco-friendly Loyalty Program

LUSH is a UK cosmetic brand which has an eco-friendly customer loyalty program. Its scheme is really simple, both in concept and application and customers don’t need to sign up. They just need to collect five of the signature black pots which LUSH products come in. They’ll offer you a free face mask each time you return five pots back to LUSH and there, and they’ll recycle the pots for you.


This program aligns so well with LUSH’s brand mission of fighting animal testing and protecting the environment.

Consider implementing an eco-friendly loyalty program if you’re running a brand with the mission of protecting the eco-environment.

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Nike: A Product-First Customer Loyalty Program

Nike is famous for sportswear. They created a product-first customer loyalty program with their club named NikePlus. The loyalty program of Nike encourages customers to get out there and exercise with the slogan “Just do it.” This program unlocks exclusive items and discounts that you can use for up to a year with the brand. In addition, the rewards aren’t just limited to Nike, people can unlock discounts with Headspace, Apple Music, and Classpass.


These offers encourage people to get more involved with fitness and Nike believes that this will lead to more sales later on down the line.

Grow Your Business With a Customer Loyalty Program

So, you understand what is customer loyalty program, the importance of this program and many types of it.

Now it’s time to put it into action. Remember that loyalty programs are mutually beneficial for entrepreneurs, buyers, and brands.

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How To Launch An E-Commerce Store Within 30 Minutes (Part 2)

E-commerce business is now more and more popular and is one of the best ways for people to make money. Hence, plenty of e-commerce platforms come out to help merchants and in my opinion, Shopify is the best one. It also contains a variety of apps which help you build and develop your store.

In part 1, I show you the first steps to create a new store on the Shopify platform and please follow these following steps to get it done.

Add Products and Categories (~ 10 Minutes)

Add Content to Your Online Store (~ 5 Minutes)

It’s really important to have a professional and attractive content, so you need to focus and spend more time on improving it. You should start with these following sections: About Us, Privacy and Returns Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Track Your Order link, Shipping & Delivery Information, Contact Us.

Go to Shopify Online Store > Pages > Add Page to create a page.

About Us

You need to make this page on your online store look unique. However, you may have to spend quite a bit of time creating. In the meantime, use one of the pre-generated ‘About Us’ pages from the list and edit it to suit your store later.


Remember to make About Us page personal in the future. You can tell a story of the reason you started your brand. Besides, it’s also a great idea to show that there’s a human behind your eCommerce business by showing pictures of yourself.

Shipping & Delivery Information

You need to give out the estimated shipping time and fee to earn customer’s trust. In addition, you also can add the condition for consumers to get the free shipping service here.

If you want to earn customers’ trust to stimulate them to make sales, try out Sales Pop Master app for free.

Contact Us

It’s necessary to keep in close contact with your clients. Therefore, be sure that you place a clearly visible ‘Contact Us’ link on your homepage. Click the ‘Add New Page’ button on your site and change the page template to contact to create a contact page.

Design Your Store (~ 10 minutes)

One of the most important parts when creating an online shop is mastering design. You can also build trust with customers via the way you present your e-commerce business. Luckily, the default theme of Shopify already looks great and it automatically assigns to your eCommerce store. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend the time on customizing it, you do not need to change this. It’s better to enhance your brand if you have a well-customized site, but it is not necessary to do that once first launching the store.

If you are going to buy a new theme, I suggest that you should not pay for a new one until you’ve generated enough sales and money for it to be paid for through your e-commerce business. In the beginning, there’s no need to make big purchases. Besides, it’s still possible to create a beautiful site through your color scheme, banner graphic, and other visual elements.

Create Menu/Navigation

You can create your menu or categories by edit “Main Menu” when going to the Shopify Online Store > Navigation section. Then, list all your collections there.


I recommend the Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app to boost your sales with upselling, cross-sell campaign attaching with special offers including discount, BOGO, and free shipping service.

Upload Main Banner

By using Google ‘banner editing tools’ or visit, you are able to create a cool looking banner in just a few minutes. If you go to, choose banner dimensions (1200x360px), then upload an image of one of your items, choose the background, insert texts, add a ‘Buy Now’ button, and you’re done here.

Besides, you can also design something visually appealing by using Canva templates. They allow you to incorporate into your design to make things pop. Take a look at Canva templates for inspiration to design a unique and eye-catching banner for your own. Their website is user-friendly so that users can create a unique banner even you are the one with little design experience.

The last step is to insert this banner into your e-commerce website. Access your Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme > edit Homepage Slideshow.

Editing Featured Products

You can select a collection for featured products with the navigation to Customize Theme > Home page > Featured Products. Create a collection as you did earlier, then name it, use tags called ‘Featured.’ Therefore, every time you add a new item that you want to display on this collection, you just need to add the ‘Featured’ tag to the tags section and it automatically shows on the Home Page under ‘Featured.’


If you want to create a discount campaign for your opening day, Discount Master app can help you.

Setting up your Footer

If you want to adjust the footer. Go to your Online Store, Themes Section, Customize Theme page, and choose Footer Settings. Insert what you want customers to see in your footer menu.

Congratulations, you have finished all the necessary steps to launch your first e-commerce store!

Focus on marketing your store via ads, content creation, and building an audience on social media to run a successful e-commerce store. Those things can have a powerful impact on your business in the long-term when combined. You need to put your brand out there for every customer to see and make a purchase from your store. You can consider using many apps on Shopify store to help you market your brand, manage your business and make more sales. Remember, jumping right into business and try out step by step is more effective than coming up with a complex marketing plan right from the onset.

Hope that this article can help you launch your first online store.

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How To Launch An E-Commerce Store Within 30 Minutes (Part 1)

E-commerce business is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its convenience. Shopify platform is one of the best e-commerce platforms which help merchants a lot from building, designing, managing the store and increasing sales.

This article is a very handy step by step guide to help merchants launch their own e-commerce store within a short time. Mr. Tomas Slimas gives out this instruction based on his own experience from his own e-commerce success story. This post also includes dozens of great tips that will allow you to focus on making sales as quickly as possible.

The most interesting point is that you have a chance to mark an exciting turning point in your life within a half of hour as you embark on a journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

In the beginning, Tomas did what most people do: focusing a lot on creating a great looking website instead of actually trying to make a sale. Besides, he spent a year to launch my first e-commerce store with conventional strategies: incorporating myself, looking for wholesalers, underestimating my marketing budget, developing a great looking store, manually adding thousands of products… and then he never made a sale.

Figuring out how to start an online store seems pretty complicated once you’re a first-time entrepreneur. However, the first step is to simply launch your e-commerce store. Then, exploring ad campaigns and logo designs is the next step, when your store is up and running.

There is a great quote that “Get going, get better”.

Let’s go to see the steps to open an online store in the most effective way. I will take a full women’s jewelry shop that sells cubic zirconia accessories as an example.

Set Up a Store (~ 5 Minutes)

Pick a Name

It’s important to pick a name for your brand but don’t spend much time on it. Think of something simple and random such as Catherine Hill Jewelry, Sparkle Glam Jewelry, Sparkle Jewelry Online. You should add ‘store’ or ‘shop’ because it’s easier to find an available domain when there are several words in the name.


There is a note that dotcom domains tend to rank better in the search engines. Choose a memorable and impressive name if possible.

When selling abroad, you should allow customers to see the price of products in their currency to offer them a good shopping experience with Currency Converter Box app.

Create a Shopify Account

In the past, when you built a site, you had to get a server, upload an e-commerce system to it, hire someone to customize it, and pay to maintain it. It was really time-consuming and expensive. However, your website was still slow and ineffective.

Fortunately, we have Shopify including alternative effective apps which have simplified the process. Therefore, with just a few clicks you can create your e-commerce store and all of the server setup and maintenance is taken care of for you.

Start by entering, click ‘start your free trial’ on the screen, type your store name, and create your shop.

Fine Tune Your Settings

Go to Shopify Settings > Payments Section and add your PayPal email address. Then, it’s possible to change, remove, or add additional payment options. However, register at if you don’t have a PayPal account. It takes about 5 minutes.

Generate Required Policies

Shopify allows the merchant to generate terms and conditions, standard privacy and return policies. Create them on Shopify Settings > Checkout > scroll down to Refund > Privacy >  TOS statements section.

Add Free Shipping Rate

Mr. Tomas Slimas highly recommend that you offer a free delivery option if you’re looking to start an online store. In your Shopify account settings, you can set this as default.


On the Shopify Settings, click Shipping and delete all shipping zones that are “Domestic”. Then, choose ‘Free International Shipping’ after selecting ‘Rest of World’ for your ‘Price based rates’. Finally, click ‘RateL Free shipping rate.’

Create an Online Store


You can sell your products on multiple channels including Facebook Store, Online Store, Instagram store or Brick & Mortar store, etc and link them together.

Select Sales Channels on Shopify Settings and add Online Store as your sales channel if it hasn’t already been added automatically.

Don’t forget to improve your customers’ service by supporting your customers immediately via live chat on your site.

Buy a Domain

It is optional and your current URL will look similar to [storename] You should purchase a custom domain like [storename].com to look more like a standard website.


Note: You may need to pay for changing your store domain to a custom domain (usually about $13 a year).

It’s not really necessary at the beginning. You can do it later when you decide to invest further money into your e-commerce store. However, you need to remember to do it before you start advertising your site to increase your sales significantly. In addition, the sooner you purchase the domain you want, the less likely it is for someone else to buy it later on.

When you decide to buy a domain for your own, go to Shopify Online Store and choose Domains Section > Buy New Domain. Then, remember to confirm the domain via your email.

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Add Products and Categories (~ 10 Minutes)

An e-commerce business model works like this: you buy several hundred items, wait for them to be delivered, then you stock them in your garage or a small warehouse, and you ship them to your customer when someone places an order.

This model works well with bigger companies, but it can have annoyances (not having a popular item in stock and ready to ship, which means you’ll miss out on potential sales), extra costs (storage space), and risks (unsold stock) if you are a new company.

Luckily, the drop shipping model can help you handle that. It allows people who are the new ones on e-commerce business to make money by spending more time and energy on generating sales. You aren’t required to hold any inventory with dropshipping and even don’t need to worry about shipping products, which also saves you money and time.

You just need to add products to your store, and when someone places an order, pays the supplier who will then ship it directly to your customer. You don’t need to pay for extra storage space or worry about what to do with unsold stock.

There are 2 ways to obtain dropshipped products:

Contact a wholesaler and land a dropshipping deal.

Use drop shipping apps on Shopify.

Then, add many categories to your website and put the products into the suitable category.

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How To Use E-Commerce SEO To Increase Organic Sales

Every merchant wants visitor traffic of their website to flow freely and frequently, even the Shopify businesses. There are many to pull customers into your online store, including pay-per-click advertising, social media, and email campaigns. Among them, the best one is by appearing in organic search results.

This method is highly cost-effective because it’s free. You will have a place on the search results page through relevance, but you don’t need to pay for clicks. It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO helps you communicate with Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo if you apply SEO for e-commerce sites. Besides, SEO is also important for customer engagement because it let you find phrases and words that customers are already using to discover sites like yours.

When clients find your site on the search engine, it helps them understand exactly what your products have to offer. Therefore, SEO brings in new customers, especially the right kind of qualified buyers you need.

If you do well with SEO, your website is more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages than competitors. These rankings are highly competitive for sure. However, if you can build a robust framework including the right header tags, keywords, meta information, and clean website code, you will get the good result in SEO.

Here are five powerful optimization tips to help your website get a higher rank on the search engines and higher levels of sales conversion.

Ensure that your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly

Having an easy-to-use website on mobile devices is crucial if you sell products online. Google announced a transition to mobile-first indexing in early 2018. It means the company now crawls and indexes all sites that use the mobile version of the site.

This change is necessary because it increases the importance of text suitable for reading on smaller screens, and having images that load quickly on 4G connections. Therefore, you need to pay attention to optimize your website for mobile-friendliness. There are dozens of factors to consider but luckily, Google has a free tool for you to check SEO on your website and then improve these factors.

In addition, it’s a great idea to put yourself on your customers’ shoes to have the shopping experience on your site and then find out the features to improve.

Besides, if you want to increase your sales, try out recommend the related products with the Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app.


Learn the phrases your customers use via keyword tools

You probably have many ways to talk about your products but customers may not use this same language when shopping online. Thus, if you know the phrases they use to search for the products like yours, you can easily reach more prospects.

You can make the smart decision to include those exact keywords by exploring the words and phrases customers are using with the keyword tools. Then, you increase the likelihood of those people getting to your site by using the exact-match words for the right high-volume search queries on your pages.

In addition, Google will try serving your web page the next time someone searches that phrase if all other factors also align. Then, if anyone clicks your link, Google will try serving your page on the subsequent search. After that, your website will become more and more popular and Google and Google will consider your page for top placement.

You can use many free dedicated keyword tools to find out the top keywords of your products.


Thoughtfully organize your pages and products

Keeping your store organized is highly crucial when you introduce more products and services to the marketplace. Your website needs to be friendly and easy to use. There is a fact that if website structure prevents customers from finding the products they need.

If a visitor comes to your site, they don’t visit any other page and leave quickly, Google’s crawlers will infer that the page content was not satisfactory. Besides, Google will assume the page was not relevant to customers’ search if a customer hits the browser back button right after clicking on your website.

On the other hand, if users effortlessly click from page to page and spend lots of time on your website, Google takes this as a sign that your product pages are useful and engaging.

In sum, it’s essential to optimize your website to give customers the best shopping experiences.

If you want to give the best shopping experience for your customers, try out Currency Converter Box for free.

Create descriptive meta descriptions, page titles, and image file names

Besides improving on-page, page elements including meta, titles, and images also play a significant role in your sites search rankings. You can reinforce your pages’ relevance to a given search by adding the top keywords from your research into these areas. You need to learn the way to optimize all the elements such as meta, titles, and images and follow all the rules to get success on SEO.


Text marked-up within the title tag appears as the most substantial text in your search listing because it displays in the browser tab as the name of the page. You need to take care of it and focus only on the most relevant words and phrases. This title tag should be no longer than 60 characters according to the rule of thumb.

Meta descriptions appear within the HTML code of a page and your customers don’t need to see it after they arrive on your site. This part needs to include at least one relevant keyword to the product or service featured on the page and be no longer than 160 characters.

About the image file names, you should keyword rich names for your photos. Besides, ALT text should describe your photo in a user-friendly way.

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Connect your store with proprietary search engine tools.

Search engines give business owners many free tools to help with optimization and serve the best results. They will provide you with critical information that can help you move up in rankings.

You can consider using Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Search Console. They are all free.

You can engage in qualified traffic and secure more sales by following these five steps. However, it’s also better to consult a professional SEO service which can help you get the best result.

How To Make Customers Buy From You ( Even Your Brand Is New)

When you intend to open an online store even on Shopify platform, absolutely you start questioning whether you’ve got what it takes to succeed. You will think that you are a new one on the e-commerce market and why anyone will buy from you.

You start worrying about many things from competitors, pricing to shipping times. However, if you can give them what they need and show up the real reasons people would buy from you in the first place, you can get success in e-commerce.

It is possible for a new online store to make its first sale in only two days even it is not a famous brand with many followers. The secret is that the merchants execute the right tactics. So what are the helpful tactics for merchants to earn trust and make sales?

Let’s see how to make customers buy from you.

They found you first

Customers will be more likely to buy from you if they find you first, before competitors. It means that you should do something to reach your clients. You can start writing a blog about your products: how they can help you and how you can take the best advantages of them. Then, share the articles on social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,… tagging the influencers.

Besides, you can run a retargeting ad running in the background just in case any influencers wanted to share our article. Therefore you can reach many customers. After that, you can think about running an advertisement on many social platforms based on your target clients.

By the way, if you want to suggest the related products to your customers, take a look at the Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app. Besides, you can also offer them a special discount, BOGO, or free shipping service with the upsell or cross-sell items to stimulate their shopping needs.


You found them first

You can find your customers who are looking for your products via hashtags on Instagram or Facebook. Thus, remember to use hashtags when you post on your social channels. Besides, you can work with influencers on your field and offer to pay to post a picture of my product on their page. These influencers have the audiences relevant to your items so it is a good match.

They don’t know where else to buy it

When you launch your online store, you should take your own photos of your products. They should be original and professional.  The reason is that, if you use the available photos of your products, your customers can’t figure out your competitors. Thus, merchants should use their own photos to prevent consumers from finding competitors. As a result, if they can’t find where else to buy it, they become more likely to buy directly from you.


You solve a problem

If your products can solve the problem of customers, they will tend to skyrocket sales. For example, the products, that can remove blackhead well, take over sales on online stores. These products are exactly what people are looking for because they solve everyday problems.

Besides, with other products, you can write a blog to help them take the best advantages of your items. Moreover, having stellar customer support can also help you alleviate some frustration when problems arise. You can use the app Facebook Chat Box to support your customers whenever they need and you also can keep in touch with them when they leave your store.

Therefore, when building a new store, it’s necessary to ask yourself, “What are the biggest problems I can solve for my customers?”. Then, try to find the solution to solve them one by one.

You offered better customer service

The business who treats customers best will win. Customer service is so important to a brand. Think about any special programs like responding to emails with a personalized video message, giving birthday freebies, and solving the biggest pain point can help you gain the highest sales.

For example, recently, I bought a pair of shoes from another country. I want to be supported about the size, I message them on the Facebook Chat Box on their site, they reply immediately. Besides, I can also see the price of the products in my currency. I ask them and they said they use the Currency Converter Box app. Therefore, I happily bought the product from them instead of their competitors.


Customers trusted your website

The store design is a challenge that you need to think through carefully. You need to make sure that your website appears professional. You can ask your friend or family member about their experience on your site. Besides, you also need to check that your pictures aren’t pixelated. Thus, you need to invest time to ensure your store looks reputable.

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A previous customer tagged their friend

The biggest social proof for a new business is from your customers. When your loyal customers introduce your brand to their friends, more and more clients know your store and you will increase your sales. You can run many special programs to let customers tag their friends, share your site to get free gifts. Then, their friends know about your brand and maybe make a purchase.

One of the most powerful ways to gain an edge up on competitors is referral marketing. Your competitors don’t really stand a chance if your customers are willing to vouch for you to their friends.

How To Improve Instagram Engagement For Business?

Over the years, Instagram has grown immensely. Instagram is a favorite photo-sharing app which is used by many people including all kinds of influencers, advertisers, and brands. Therefore, if you are selling something on Shopify or even brick-and-mortar store, you should take advantage of this useful app to reach more customers and generate more sales.

Most people have an Instagram account and spend much time on it, so if your brand appears on this social platform, you will have more chances to increase your revenue. However, it’s not easy to get success in keeping on top of Instagram trends. You should take time to see why it is a powerful channel and how to succeed.

The Power Of Instagram

With a billion monthly active users, Instagram is the second most engaged network, followed by Facebook. This is the reason why you should do something to grow your following on Instagram, and improve your engagement so as to lock into the audience in this channel. It’s time for you to build your community and improve your engagement through the social media channel.


What is an Instagram Engagement Rate?

It is the sum of the comments and likes that you receive per post, divided by the number of followers that you have.

These engagement rates are metrics to monitor your success on Instagram. Besides, the higher this number is, the more chances you have to increase traffics to your site and even sales.

We would like to share with you our top tips for increasing your Instagram engagement rate.

In addition, if you want to increase your sales on your Shopify store, you can use the Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app to create upsell or cross-sell campaign including special offers such as a discount, buy one get one, or free shipping service. That makes customers think that they will gain more than they pay. Thus, they are confident to make a purchase.

See how to improve Instagram engagement

Timing Is Key

Your main purpose is to get the highest number of users as possible, without fatiguing them with too much content. Thus, you need to focus on two crucial things if you’re serious about stepping up your Instagram game:

  • How often you should post
  • When you should post

Sprout Social said that if you want to post content which generates a high level of engagement, midday during weekdays is a great time. According to them, Thursday, in general, is the best day to post on Instagram, but the “safest time” is Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Besides, the frequency is one to three times per day.

However, your content is also important, try to create attractive content.

Besides, if you want to improve your customers’ service, take a look at Facebook Chat Box in order to support your clients well.

Use Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are a fantastic feature to reach more users and increase your Instagram engagement.

Here are advantages of hashtags:

  • Gain more followers
  • Gain more likes
  • Reach a broader audience

How can you choose the suitable hashtags: research them from your audience, competitors, and even Instagram influencers’ posts.


For example, you’re selling sportswear, go to Instagram’s explore function and check out #sportswear. Then, take a look at recent top posts to find out the hashtags which generate posts with high engagement. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. However, you should not fill your Instagram captions to the brim with hashtags. Choose them carefully and they can bring a whole new wave of users to your Instagram content.

Choose Your Captions Carefully

Your content can do a lot to increase your Instagram engagement rates. It gives the helpful additional captions to your images and can help you to engage and delight your audience.

For instance, YouTuber IAMKARENO used the caption “1 or 2” for her latest post.  This seems to be a simple tactic but it can promote her followers to engage with her content by leaving a comment on the photo which they prefer. Naturally, this strategy works wonders for her Instagram engagement rate.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories

More than 400 million people surf Instagram Stories every day. Thus, Instagram Stories are still a must-have to boost your Instagram engagement although they aren’t included in the engagement rate calculation.

The reason is that they are used to retain the attention of your existing followers and even direct your following to other Instagram posts or even your own store.

See this example from Hanon:


It is a simple Instagram Story but it engages their audience for sure, and it can direct them to relevant content that they’re likely to be interested in with just a tap.

Besides, based on the Instagram algorithm, users who engage a lot with certain accounts are much more likely to see their content again.

In sum, Instagram Stories are the wonderful features for merchants to maintain and increase a high engagement rate and even increase the conversion rate.

Create Videos

People love videos and the videos created on Instagram in 2018 increased 80 percent year over year. Therefore, videos as an integral part of a successful Instagram strategy. Make your videos really attractive and unique to get the attention of users.

Hold Contests And Giveaways

There is the fact that everyone loves free stuff. Then, you can hold your own contests and giveaways in your Instagram account. They can help you attract more clients to take part in your event and you have a chance to win in Instagram marketing.


You can ask people for following your account, liking your post, and tagging many friends to your post to get the free gift in exchange. These actions are great options for you to increase Instagram engagement rate.

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Use Omnichannel Marketing

With omnichannel marketing, you can gain more customers from many different channels. Take advantage of all of your marketing clouts to draw the attention of many people to your Instagram content.

You can include the link of your blog post or your other account channel into your Instagram post caption. On the other hand, attach your Instagram account into your other social channel to direct them to your Instagram.

Give your best shot to make sure that your audience is constantly being exposed to content and images that they like!

start improving your Instagram engagement today!

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Boost Sales With Some Must-do Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook marketing is becoming more and more popular to most companies and businesses in the world especially in the era of Industry 4.0. Besides running a store on Shopify platform, selling your products and service on Facebook is also an ideal strategy to expand the market and increase conversion rate. Facebook is the most effective marketing channel because it is the largest social media with over 2271 million active users.

However, the Facebook algorithm is changed recently, the effectiveness of Facebook marketing will decrease if you don’t update the new methods.

Here are some must-do Facebook marketing tips to boost your revenue:

Make human-to-human connection

You need to understand your customers deeply first:

  • Age
  • Interest
  • Gender
  • Religious
  • Nationality
  • Shopping behaviors

Based on this information, you will have an understanding of their reactions and emotions toward content. Many people like cute animal content, some audience love inspirational speech, while other followers find funny videos very exciting. Therefore, you can provide the right content to the right audience and customers feel easy to engage in your post and make your content go viral easier. In addition, the connection works best on the right target because different shopping behaviors need different approaches. It is better to find out what clients want and like to purchase. This takes you one step ahead in e-commerce. Hence, it is necessary for you to define your targeted customer segment and focus on creating content for them exclusively.

If you can do that, you have more chances to convert your audience into paid customers better. Moreover, you can also drive your engagement further by storytelling because it is likely to attract clients and keep them stay longer than other types of content so that they feel being cared of and they hardly resist the temptation to browse your items. As a result, you can build a human-to-human connection via Facebook marketing. For example, Marvel fans are very keen on everything relating to Marvel characters. So, they will share the same interest with the fans: collectibles. They get the human-to-human connection between Marvel collectors because they understand the importance of Star Wars merchandises toward collectors. Therefore, they can convert these collectors into customers.

Run discounts and special offers

There is a fact that discount and offer can boost your sales. If you can take the best advantage of this campaign, you can get the best result from it. There is a term that “FOMO – Fear of Missing out”. It means that people should encounter an ending-soon beneficial chance. It generates fear of regret, so consumers tend to make a purchase faster. You should set up the FOMO offer with attractive content. Emphasize the opportunity cost to show clients what they’ll lose if they don’t act.

There is one thing you must notice that the deal has to be attractive enough to make consumer concern about purchasing. Moreover, you can also make customers feel rushed about the losing deal by showing a countdown timer.

Nonetheless, don’t overuse FOMO because it can create a bad mood for your customers. Be wise to use it to get the best result.

You can try out Discount Master to create many discount campaign with no cost.

Be quick and fast responsive

The world is changing every day, so it is important to keep up the pace to any latest trend including the picture, emoji, or quotes.

Besides the face of the brand, fast response is also the advantage of one business. You should be quick to answer the question of shoppers when they are considering your items, then convince to convert them into buyers.

Most people are impressed by the quick and helpful response, so it is the key to a successful brand.

To stay connected, you should use Facebook Chat Box which shows Facebook Messenger chatbox on your site to allow customers to leave their question or message. Then the conversation is saved on the Messenger Platform. You just need to install it and connect your Facebook page account.

Besides, you should find the questions about your customers in many social media and forums and answer them to convince customers to buy your items.

Create original, creative and funny content

It is great for your branding effort if you can make a catchy, attractive trademark regarding logo and slogan.

As a result, people will think about your brand whenever seeing that logo. Thus, they will find out your products and consider buying them. For example, when people see McDonald’s, they always think of their “I’m lovin’ it” slogan and reverse.

There is a fact that creativity takes the most important part in succeeding in Facebook marketing. You can create awesome and interesting ideas for your social media and campaigns with your creativity.

Besides, funny and inspirational content have the most interaction. Therefore, try to build your brand with attractive content.

Shift your content to videos

People usually watch video on Facebook, so creating and uploading video can catch the attention of users. You can direct your Facebook marketing effort to create advertising videos or make use of Facebook Live to introduce your products and answer the live question. In addition, Facebook has just released a new monetizing method using Video content: Ad Break. Therefore, if you produce a video, you can earn money from both selling products and Facebook Ads.

Locowise said that people usually watched a third of a video on average, so you should make the first third awesome to keep their attention.

Community growth and word-of-mouth

Many small brands focus their Facebook marketing effort on their community. They don’t invest much in pricing competitive or outbound marketing, but on productivity.

If you make your products better and better day by day, customers will feel being well-treated and certainly have good words on your business. A good way to create a community is creating a group for your products. Your Facebook group is the place where your customer can talk, feedback, review, exchange knowledge, tips, and you can provide support, tutorial, and guidance. If you can take care of this group well, you can turn leads into loyal customers. People will always head to your group rather than anywhere else whenever they are having any matter with the product.

When you build a helpful and happy community, you can create trust and authentic about your brand.

Hope that you can get success with these Facebook marketing tips.

What You Should Do With Emails To Convert Browsers Into Buyers

Getting customers’ emails is the first crucial step of committing to prospecting. Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies, so merchants should take advantages of the email list to get closer to clients and convert browsers into buyers. If you have a store on Shopify platform, don’t forget to ask for an email when customers visit your site.

For the last decade, emailing is a helpful tool for not only business but also customers. I pay attention when hundreds of emails are delivered to my inbox each day. If you can capitalize on the critical asset you’ve already earned, you can get closer to customers and increase sales.

I will talk about several strategies including email welcome series, nurturing tactics, and how to balance automated versus campaign emails.

Welcome emails

The welcome email is the first point of the brand when contacting with new subscribers. The first impression is important and you will never get a second chance to make it impressive. This is the reason why business owners should take time and efforts to make it as well as possible.

74% of users admit they expect a welcome email after they subscribe, so you’d better take advantage of an opportunity.

Start with a simple ‘thank you”, then tell subscribers what to expect from you. You can share the products your prospects might like, your promotion campaign and it’s better to provide the first order discount.

Take the first welcome email by Lush, a cosmetics retailer for an example, they give a warm welcome and a sign of their appreciation. After that, they give the benefits of being their subscriber and invite newcomers to see how their products are made with a behind-the-scenes tour. Besides, this brand also encourages new subscribers to provide a list of recommended products. Therefore, customers will be impressed and feel excited.


There is one essential thing you should note that merchants should remove the subscribers who purchased after the first email to another mailing list and opt them out from further emails of the welcome flow.

The second email is used for promoting products or content. The second email should be sent a day after a subscriber joins your list. This is the ideal time in order not to annoy the newcomers. In this email, give more information about your brand and items. Think about including a list of the best-sellers or the most popular blog posts. Don’t forget to promote them for the first purchase with a coupon or discount and attaching social media links for clients to choose the preferable way to stay in touch with you.

You may need a tool to send the welcome email automatically after your customers subscribe your channel or make the first purchase, try out Thank You Email by Autoketing for free. It sends automated thank-you emails to your clients through our smart platform, that creates a professional customer care style. You can attach your social media channels so that clients can find you can contact you.

Nurturing your email subscribers

Don’t abandon your clients when the welcome email is over. Continue nurturing your email subscribers to turn them into loyal customers. You can send them the email at the point where you think you can provide value. For example, offer them a promotion or discount in the holidays or sale season. In addition, sending an email to inform them about the new products is also worthy.


Moreover, ask email subscribers a simple survey question if you want to be more interactive such as “Did you buy socks elsewhere?” or “What products/services you expect?”. Therefore, you can understand the expectation of customers and improve your business. Doing something when other businesses do nothing, you can grab the opportunity to pull ahead of the competition by being thoughtful and consistent.

It is profuse if you collect customer’s email and you do nothing.

Balancing automation and campaign emails

After sending the welcome series email and nurturing email subscribers, you should also pay attention to balance automated and campaign specific emails. It depends on your priority. Consider between sending automatic messages to the entire email list or sending personal emails to each subscriber.

Whether you’re welcoming, nurturing, automated or campaigning, it’s still essential to create attractive content and include eye-catching photos.

You’re not even competing if you don’t send an email. Now you have a list of email addresses of prospects, use these best practices to capitalize on it.

In addition, if you want to upsell and cross-sell when your customers are in the checkout page or add-to-cart page, explore the Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool app. You are also allowed to create discounted upsell and cross-sell products such as get free shipping, buy X get Y, get a percentage and fixed amount to stimulate customer’s shopping needs.

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Grow E-Commerce Store With 4 Alternatives To Traditional Advertising

Advertising seems to be the indispensable strategy to grow business on the e-commerce platform like Shopify. Many traditional advertising channels including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more are a quite effective tool to grow your online business. However, to have a more diverse customer base and bring in new contacts, merchants should pay for advertising or find effective alternatives to traditional advertising.

Many advertising strategies are completely free but many of them are paid ones. Hence, merchants should run accordant campaigns to save costs and time.

Here are 4 alternatives to traditional advertising to grow e-commerce store:

Focus on organic social media growth

Social media channels are still worthy ones for merchants to gain organic traction. It means that you let your website visitors know where they can find you on social. Besides, don’t forget to encourage them to follow you.

Social media is the place where you show off your brand personality and your products. Therefore, you should update your new product collections, flash sales, attractive promotion programs, and more.


In addition, don’t forget to create a hashtag that your clients can use on social media when using your products. It creates a sense of community for your shoppers online. Furthermore, you will have their information or personal account so that you can contact them and turn them into your leads in your marketing.

Encourage customer reviews

84% of purchasers say they believe in online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation. Today, there are more and more online stores and consumers has various choices, so they no longer go in and buy the first thing they see. On the contrary, customers will do their research and need social proof to validate their initial interest in the item before making a purchase.


They will look for positive reviews as well as the negative ones. The worst which shoppers have to say is “this shirt is more of an aqua rather than a turquoise”, it’s not so bad. Therefore, your clients will feel more confident to pay for your items.

In addition, according to a leader in search engine optimization named Moz, written reviews can actually boost a product page in search result rankings. That means more clients are able to find your store organically because of others’ feedback.

How do you encourage online reviews?

Serve up an onsite display encouraging them to leave a review if they are returning customers. Besides, don’t forget to encourage reviews in your email to follow up. By collecting more reviews, you can bring more traffic to your e-commerce site and encourage more shoppers to purchase.

Grow your email list

Most people have an email account, so email marketing is critical to the success of your business. Email is a way to reach customers, so don’t forget to take advantage of it to promote your brand.

Let’s see how to grow the email list

According to the statistic, if you’re already getting traffic to your site, on average, you’re converting around 2-3% of that traffic.

Don’t forget to ask for customers’ information when they make a purchase. They are willing to give out their information in exchange for promotion. For example, you can stimulate them with “leave your email to get 10% discount for the next purchase” or “leave your email to get information about new products”.


When you have customers’ email address, you can continue marketing to them by sending the welcome email, the information of the new items, many upcoming campaigns, promotion campaign, newsletters to keep your customers updated, cross-sell to them with the related products and sending the coupons and coupon reminders. As a result, you can rescue more abandoned carts.

If you want to show upsell and cross-sell products when your customers click “Add to cart” or “Checkout” to boost sales, try out Upsell Cross-sell Smart tool for free.

Rely on social media influencers

In case you have the budget, influencers are another effective way to reach new audiences. Influencers have created an audience in a distinct niche on social media so they can reach a large community. By cooperating with them, you have the chance to boost your product sales and brand awareness. They will mention your products and brand on their post, so many people know and come to your site.

However, you should choose the influencers who are suitable for your products and can help make an impact. They also need to bring new eyes to your products as well.

One more note, people who have the highest number of followers are not the ones bringing the best benefits for you. Choose the ones who relate to your products. For example, if you sell cosmetics, find beauty bloggers to work with them.


Co-founder Lana said in a recent Shopify Masters podcast, they reached out to 10 girls. One of them had at least 30,000 followers, and the biggest had 1,000,000 followers. She gave them each their own coupon code with their own handle… As a result, the smallest influencer received six orders with her code when posting it. However, when the influencer with a million posted, she waited, and she waited, and she never got a single order from that influencer. Hence, we can say that the micro influencers sometimes have a deeper connection with their audience and this can make their endorsement more effective.

These are 4 popular and effective strategies to grow e-commerce store besides traditional advertising.

Leave a comment to tell about your own alternatives.

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